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Don't tell me it's too late. I don't wanna hear it? Jaaaaaack! I'm sorry, Daniel Damn you, Jack Jack?

Warning! While the stories are often of a mature content, be advised that they are about two men who are hopelessly in love. If these stories are not of your liking, we suggest you go here for a wonderful Stargate gen site:
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All I want for Christmas

Sometimes Jack's plans don't always work out the way he envisions

29 September 2009

No Regrets

Co-written with JoaG Misfortune brings unexpected consequences for Daniel. Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate XV - The way it is'

06 December 2008


"I may just test how much you love me by having you clean up my vomit". Originally published in an Ancient's Gate Special called You'll be Alright'

10 August 2008

Things Happen

All for One. One for All. Originally published in an Ancient's Gate Special called You'll be Alright

10 August 2008


Jack's bored and makes an assumption. Originally published in an Ancient's Gate Special called You'll be Alright

10 August 2008

The Things you do for Love

Daniel has trouble sleeping after Osiris' house calls. Originally published in an Ancient's Gate Special called You'll be Alright

10 August 2008

Curiosity Killed the Cat

"Daniel never, ever saw that one coming". Originally published in an Ancient's Gate Special called You'll be Alright

10 August 2008

Thanks for the Memories

This is a Little Daniel story about a downsized Daniel who has retained his adult memories. While he struggles to adapt to what the universe has dealt him, his friends struggle with dealing with how this Daniel now fits into their lives. Originally published as a stand alone zine by Ancient's Gate

13 February 2008

The Whole Shebang

A sudden illness separates Daniel from his team

9 December 2007

Game People Play

Games... that people play

1 December 2007

Take Down

This is a challenge fic where we had to have Daniel hiding in a basement (Okay, I made a modification with that one, I hope no one minds); in any mental or physical state we chose; to include Jack (definitely) and Cassie in some capacity; and there was a 'try to make it gen request', but the minute Daniel took his clothes off… sigh, that was it.

1 September 2007

Sock Tales

Laundry day

22 June 2007

Between the Lines

Jack has returned to Cheyenne Mountain for a visit, reading "between the lines" of SG-1’s recent mission reports. Originally published in AshtonPress' zine 'Pretense 8'

09 June 2007

Shreds of Life

Everyone needs a little mother henning in their lives

13 May 2007



Winner of the 2007 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Episode-based Ship Daniel/Vala Sometimes life is just too short
Note: This fic has season 10 Spoilers - read at your own risk

12 May 2007

When Life Hands you Lemons

Jack should know to always expect the unexpected

08 May 2007


What would you do for the one you love? Jack and Daniel take a journey to discover the answer to that question; co-written with babs and JoaG. Originally published by Jmas in e-zine format

19 February 2007

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Jack gets an unexpected package (S9 spoilers)

17 February 2007

With a Flick of his Wrist

Jack and Daniel have a discussion regarding Merlin's gifts

09 February 2007

Memories are Made of This

Are the holidays with Jack and Daniel ever easy?

23 December 2006

Mission Accomplished

An offworld mission drives home to Sam just how important her team is to her. Originally published in the zine called "Sodality"

08 October 2006


Old Dog, New Tricks

Winner of the 2007 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Jack/Daniel Humor A visit to Washington opens Vala's eyes

26 August 2006


Daniel needs a reminder about what a successful mission means. Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate VII - Ancient of Days'

14 July 2006


Vicissitude-one of the sudden or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one's life, activities, or surroundings. Originally published in AshtonPress' zine 'Pretense 7'

14 July 2006

Sunrises in Minnesota

Loose lips sink ships and also pull the rug out from under an unsuspecting Jack

18 June 2006

Ordinary People

A Saturday night in the life of Jack and Daniel

13 May 2006

Between a Ribbon and a Crash

This fic was written in response to Sideburns' whumping challenge. With a snicker I was handed over the assignment to whump Daniel with the ribbon device. So this is it, though I added a little more besides the ribbon, because two whumps are always better than one. This may actually qualify for a PWP because except for the whumping, I'm unsure if there is *any* story line in here at all.

23 April 2006


It's Daniel's birthday. Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate V - Depths'

09 April 2006

What a Way to go

It's flu season

07 March 2006

Every Time we Love

Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give. It's Christmas~~Dale Evans Rogers

21 December 2005

Somewhere I Belong

We all need somewhere to belong, sometimes it's right in front of us. Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate III - Heart and Soul'

11 December 2005


Thinking too much can lead to all kinds of problems. Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate III - Heart and Soul'

11 December 2005

The Phone Call

I acknowledge with a knowing smirk, that somebody up there *does* love me

15 November 2005

Two for the Price of One

What if there were residual effects from the virtual reality game?

13 November 2005

Between Flannels and a Hard Place

A snowbound Jack and Daniel find amazing ways to entertain themselves

05 November 2005

Voices Carry

Daniel was going to be trapped somewhere between ascension, death and life back on Earth until either the food ran out or the Ancients deigned to remember his presence. A Moonridge Auction fic for Molly Casey

28 October 2005

Compromising Positions

Jack misinterprets Daniel's actions and walks out just when Daniel needs him most. Can they get beyond the misunderstanding and find their way back to one another? Originally published in Jmas' E-zine 'Ancients Gate I - Jack and Daniel'

02 September 2005

Ice Hot

Forty eight hours of downtime is a dangerous thing

26 August 2005

Every New Beginning

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

20 August 2005

Manacles, Boonies, and Bandanas — OH MY!

An off-world incident brings two lovebirds together at last. Woohoo! Warning: This is a badfic in its purest form

16 August 2005


Sometimes distance is measured only by the number of digits in a telephone number

16 August 2005


Someone's feeling old

02 July 2005

A Single Thread

With Daniel's help, Sam attempts to regain her footing in the universe

16 June 2005

A Coming Storm

Stranded and injured off-world, Jack and Daniel are forced to battle their emotions while fighting for their lives in a deadly storm. Co-written with JoaG. Originally published in AshtonPress's zine "Pretense 6".

01 June 2005

Passionate Man

Sleepless in Colorado Springs

28 May 2005

Wishes do Come True

He awoke, disorientated, heart pounding, with the feeling that someone was in the bedroom with him

28 May 2005

Pass the Ammunition

That Time of the Month

19 May 2005

Decadence and Facial Hair

Jack, Daniel, facial hair, Chantico and a night at home

22 April 2005

Seeds of Faith

Rose O'Neill, first introduced in my fic "Miracles in Bloom" returns to Colorado Springs.

17 April 2005

A Thousand Tomorrows

Post mission discussion

02 April 2005


Dream of Minnesota

Winner of the 2005 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Drama Slave Daniel. Co-written with JoaG

28 March 2005

Window Dressing

It's not the clothes that make the man

20 March 2005


Hovering Jack/Heachachy Daniel

13 March 2005

Never Turn Back Time

Daniel revisits his past

12 March 2005

The Lesson

First released in the "Reunited" E-zine, Daniel discovers the fate of Abydos

19 February 2005


Possessive Jack

05 February 2005

A Sigh is Just a Sigh

A sequel to "A Kiss is Just a Kiss"; Jack contemplates the next step in his relationship with Daniel

04 February 2005


Artifice (noun) : a deceptive maneuver

23 January 2005


A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Winner of the 2005 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best UST See the sequel "A Sigh is Just a Sigh";A confession forces Jack to examine his friendship with Daniel

13 January 2005

The Angel's Gift

Daniel reminds Cassie of the meaning of Christmas

26 December 2004

Within the Realm of Possibilities

Sometimes what you want is really within arm's reach

05 December 2004

Winter in Colorado

Just what the title says

20 November 2004

The Times They are a Changin'

Jack contemplates the changes that have occurred in his life over the past few months

16 October 2004

Just Desserts

Jack promises coffee/Daniel promises dinner

15 October 2004


A journey down memory lane as Daniel discovers the true meaning of home; written for babs, who won my bid at the Moonridge Auction

19 September 2004


Love Leaves a Memory

Winner of the 2005 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Janet Fraiser Tribute Season 8 tag: Janet gets the chance to say goodbye

1 September 2004

General Inspection

Season 8 tag: Taking the episode "Icon" one step further

10 August 2004

Amusement Park

A Missing Scene to "Goodbye to Dreams"; cowritten with babs

9 August 2004


Season 8 Missing Scene: Aftermath to "Lockdown"

24 July 2004


I used to Dream

Winner of the 2005 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Vignette Introspective Daniel

28July 2004

First Order of Business

Season 8 Tag: "First Order": Jack takes Daniel's suggestion to heart

22 July 2004


Jack, Daniel and a childhood malady

31 May 2004

Breakfast of Champions

No Rest for the Weary Archaeologist

8 May 2004


As the Chevrons Lock

Winner of the 2005 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best HumorA member of SG1 gets the stuffing knocked out of him (JoaG's name is up there, what did you expect?); co-written by babs, DebA, devra, Kalee, JoaG, Kalee and OneofAradia.

June 2004

A Perfect View

Jack, Daniel and a perfect view

June 2004

Between Heaven and Hell

A post mission discussion

May 2004

Two Part Harmony

The guys make beautiful music together

April 2004

Spring Fever

Jack's thoughts

April 2004

All that Matters

Jack pays Daniel a visit

March 2004


Miracles in Bloom

Winner of the 2005 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Original Character AND Best Romance A woman from Jack's past rocks Daniel's world

March 2004

Puppy Love

Two guys and a dog

March 2004

He Shoots, He Scores

The title says it all!

March 2004

Fallen Heroes

Jack and Daniel deal with the aftermath of losing a friend

February 2004

Damage Control

Cleanup after "Chimera"

February 2004

Journey's End

Season 7: The journey home from Central America comes to an end; JoaG's "The Journey Home" begins this fic

8 February 2004

Hole in One

Jack helps Daniel break out of the infirmary and pays the price

February 2004

Last Dance

Sometimes what we need is right in front of our eyes

March 2004

It's in the Genes

Jack realizes the apple didn't fall far from the tree

February 2004

Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Repercussions of a briefing

15 January 2004

Dream State

Nightmares are nothing more than relieving the horror of the day

11 January 2004


Jack needs to remember the past to shape the future

1 January 2004

Ten Step Program

A little bit of Jack's past puts Daniel on the road to recovery

December 2003

All Grown Up

Jack and Daniel share childhood memories

30 December 2003


How lessons learned in childhood affect Daniel's life decisions

29 November 2003


Jack demonstrates how well he knows Daniel

September 2003

Jack's Happy Place

The journey to Jack's Happy Place

27 August 2003

Just Four Words

Jack and Daniel in bed. PWP

10 August 2003

Guardians of the Heart

While Jack is away, Sam takes care of Daniel; co-written with babs

August 2003


Putting the pieces of a shattered psyche back where they belong

August 2003

Mirror, Mirror

A mirror can invoke more than a reflection

23 July 2003

One Last Gift

Daniel's descension from Oma's POV

28 June 2003


Daniel learns that he needs to lean on others once in a while; co-written with JoaG

18 June 2003


Goodbye to Dreams

Winner of the 2005 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Angst AND Best AU. What would you do for the one you love? Jack and Daniel take a journey to discover the answer to that question; co-written with babs. See "Amusement Park", for a missing scene

June 2003

All in the Name of Research

An open book test as Jack tries out his skills of persuasion

30 May 2003


A little bit of fluff - a lot of sappiness - and bits of Daniel's life gets swept away

23 April 2003

It's a Tough Job

Accidents happen

5 April 2003


Epiphanies and revelations

1 April 2003


Daniel has lost more than his memory

April 2003

Baggage Check

Daniel reveals a little bit of his past to Jack

30 March 2003

Melt in Your Mouth

Self control is put to the limit

22 March 2003

Tickling the Ivories

A follow up to "Consideration"; Daniel's realization of his love for Jack is not an easy journey

15 March 2003


Jack's thoughts when he brings Daniel home after Legacy

February 2003


Out of the Mouth of Babes; Words spoken cause Daniel to question the reason for waiting

March 2003


Jack's POV to contemplate his relationship with Daniel

March 2003


Sam's POV on her friend and Commanding Officer in the infirmary

January 2003


A perception of the Colonel and the archaeologist's relationship

November 2002

Cold Hands

Winter rituals

2 February 2003

Slices of Life

Title says it all

1 January 2003

Side of Bacon

Cold day in Colorado.breakfast.warm hearts

19 January 2003

Wake up Call

One of those mornings

11 January 2003

Aim to Please

cowritten with MajelB: Jack and Daniel: far apart and needing some lovin'

8 January 2003


Jack explains to Daniel what's important in his life

6 January 2003

Elusive Tube

Daniel's looking for something

25 December 2002

So this is Christmas

The meaning of Christmas

22 December 2002

Jack's Shower

Jack's shower, wet Daniel.

22 November 2002

Not There yet

want of a better description, Daniel has been moved from pillar to post maybe one time too many in his life

20 November 2002

Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a Movie

3 November 2002

Strip Tease #2

a Sunday afternoon in Daniel's apartment, Daniel's POV

November 2002

Strip Tease #1

a Sunday afternoon in Daniel's apartment, Jack's POV

November 2002

Doctor's Orders

Two men...two pairs of flannel pajamas

November 2002


Sometimes life cycles bring you right back to where you began

6 November 2002


Sometimes life's prison is more than just four walls - Jack's POV

24 October 2002

Due Thanks

Daniel returns from a mission with something different than an artifact and Jack helps him put it in the right perspective

October 2002


Jack gets an ouchie; co-written with JoaG

25 November 2002

Assessing the Situation

Daniel's attempt at assessing the situation

December 2002

Car Series 4: Motor Running

Downtime for those hard working people of the SGC.

26 September 2002

Car Series 3: What are we?

An event on earth causes Jack to examine his relationship with Daniel

18 September 2002

Car Series 2: Mustang and Avalanche

Two days and Two Cars and Two Guys

13 September 2002

Car Series 1: Riding in Cars with Boys

Boys and their cars...need I say more

25 May 2002

Friday, the 13th

Jack waits patiently (?) for Daniel to return home

13 September 2002


Downtime for those hard working people of the SGC.

7 September 2002

Dream of Flying

Daniel at Jack's house, Daniel sick, Daniel in jammies...that about covers it

September 2002



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