Passionate Man by devra

Daniel admitted he was a passionate man and at times, more often than not, his passion bordered on obsession. He was passionate about his work, in his beliefs, the people who he considered to be his friends, the friends he considered to be his family and the men and women who he had loved and had lost. He rarely approached a situation with trepidation, always preferring the holding one's nose and jumping off the high dive approach. That's how he learned. That's how he lived. That's how he loved.

Once upon a time, in the aftermath of a horrific argument, Jack had become so enraged with Daniel that words had failed him. Daniel had seen Jack's anger build and was positive eruption was imminent, so he had done the one thing he could think of to douse Jack's fury. He'd kissed him. For one second, Daniel had feared that he had thrown gasoline on the flames, but he had been wrong, very wrong, and eventually Jack had realized exactly how deep Daniel's passion ran. And he seemed to understand, especially because a number of times Jack had been on the receiving end of said passion and though they still argued, Jack respected and understood.

Until now.

"Go away, Jack," Daniel pleaded as he attempted to slide his exhausted body along the bed and hopefully out of reach from Jack's grubby, grabby hands. But Jack played dirty and kissed Daniel in the space behind his left ear. That spot. Hidden well behind his ear, which Jack had discovered quite by accident. How embarrassing was it that Daniel, genius extraordinaire, was reduced to a toe curling mush each and every time Jack used that spot to *his* advantage? Hopefully, no other living, breathing human would ever know about Daniel's Achilles' heel.

"Aren't you glad to see me?"

Daniel approached sleep as he did every other aspect in his life. Passionately tempered with a touch of anal tendencies. Certain pillows. Blankets. Lights just so. Slumber was hard earned and very rarely occurred without interruption... Nightmares. Ideas that wouldn't stay at the SGC. Aches and pains. Memories. Fears.

Sleeping wasn't something he ever took lightly and a sense of organization in the bedroom helped him relax. As did sex. But there was a time and a place for everything, and contrary to what Jack might think, *now* was not the time for sex. Not when he was so exhausted driving home had been an adventure of opened windows, music blasting loud enough to wake the dead, both of which were a result of three days of non-stop translations, living on caffeine highs, Tylenol, napping sitting up, and carbohydrates, leaving him devoid of any feeling except the need for sleep. Even Jack's hard on, the one he was so kindly rubbing along Daniel's thigh, wasn't enough to convince him otherwise. "Can you please put that thing away?"

"You can just lie there; I'll do all the work."


"No, being an archaeologist, that's more *your* line of work."

"For someone who wants to fuck me, and I'm not saying that the feeling, at this moment in time, is mutual, you certainly have to work on your method of persuasion."

Jack's lips found the nape of Daniel's neck while usually rough fingers gently glided up his thigh. "Sometimes actions speak louder than words."

Daniel sighed, loudly and with much exaggeration, then pushed himself even further away from Jack. "And sometimes a bad Hallmark sentiment is just a *bad* Hallmark sentiment."

Like a child sneaking a treat from the cookie jar, Jack's fingers slipped under the waistband of Daniel's boxers, but Daniel held the wandering fingers in place, trapping Jack's hand with his own, a layer of cotton boxer between them. "You're no fun." Jack's fingers fought for purchase along Daniel's flat abdomen.

He squeezed the fingers even tighter. "I'm tired. Way past exhausted. Working on coma, actually, so you're right. I. Am. No. Fun."

"I said it before. All you have to do is—"

"Nothing, I know."

"Well maybe you could moan, or scream out my name—"

"Or maybe I could sleep and we could pick up this conversation later, like tomorrow afternoon, after I've slept."

"You're whining."

"And the little hot puffs of air you're blowing in my ear are annoying."

"Sorry." The hot breaths morphed into a flicking tongue. "Better?"

"You're so *not* sorry."

"Okay, maybe I'm not. But it's been weeks—"

"Not weeks."

Jack's hand stilled then he tugged it from under the blanket, as well as Daniel's grip, and waved his fingers in Daniel's face. "Week number one, you came home from that planet, soused outta your mind and Fraiser kept you in the infirmary for three days until you were sober enough to stop pinching her ass."

"I wasn't drunk," Daniel replied indignantly. "Anyway, how the hell was I supposed to know those delicious tasting fruit—"

"Three days, then another two days of being on base under her watchful eye."

"That's only five days, Jack, last time I looked a week has *seven* days."

"Patience, grasshopper."

"Good, keep talking." Daniel yawned, then jumped when Jack pinched his thigh. "Ow, what the hell did you do that for?"

"Payback. For all the times I'm forced to stay awake during your power point presentations. Now pay attention. Ahh, were was I? Oh, yeah." Jack held up two fingers. "After your drunken stupor and recovery, I had to go to Washington for six days. And what did I get for my time away? Horrific accommodations, stale sandwiches and even staler coffee—and six nights of phone sex with you. No touching--just you and your linguistic talents. Hot steamy visuals and my right hand."

"You're welcome."

"I wasn't thanking you, I was complaining." Jack flexed his right arm. "I now have more muscles on my—"

"I don't care."

Jack ignored him. "So let's see. That's five days of you being unable to hold your liquor…"

"Hey. I said before that—"

"Five days, plus my six days gives us eleven—then add the planet where you and Carter came home with those multi-colored rashes and while they were appealing to the eye, the cream Fraiser gave you to counteract the itching wasn't exactly appealing."

"Nice, Jack. Whatever happened to the saying 'In sickness and in health'?"

"They obviously never saw you naked, covered with the rash *and* the cure." Jack shivered. "Scary."

"That was only two days."


"Okay, who's counting?"

"Umm, Daniel, in case you haven't noticed," Jack waggled his fingers in Daniel's face, "I am. I'm counting."

"Oh, that's right," Daniel yawned again then lethargically patted Jack's hand. "Go ahead, I'm listening."

"Five days drunk. Six days in Washington. Three days rash-covered. Three days with your nose buried in a book. Where does that leave us?"

"It leaves me tired and you obviously with this intense desire to irritate the shit out of me."

Jack pooh-poohed Daniel's griping. "Seventeen days. Two weeks and three days. Four hundred and eight," Jack glanced at the bedside clock. "Four hundred and soon to be *nine* hours."

"Really? That long? I'm amazed my head hasn't exploded with all my unresolved sexual tension."

"Carter, Fraiser, hell, even Teal'c's been complaining to me about how, what's the word I'm looking for…?

"Exhausted? Tired? Spent?"

"Short tempered. Pissy. Explosive." Caught unawares, Jack's hand somehow slipped under Daniel's tee shirt and tweaked his nipple.

"They were talking about you, weren't they?" Daniel quickly gripped Jack's other hand that was meandering in a southerly direction. When had the man become like an octopus? Or maybe his reaction time was slow due to sleep deprivation.

"No, you."

He opened his mouth to argue, knew in his dull minded state he wouldn't win, and pursed his lips closed, blowing out a stream of air. "Sleep," he whimpered, letting his eyelids drift shut.

"Okay," Jack said, kissing Daniel's nose.

"I hate that," he moaned, agitated, popping open one eye.

"Hey, throw me a bone, if I can't play with your, well, boner, let me at least –"

"Take a shower? A cold shower?"


"That's it!" Daniel gathered his strength and shoved an unsuspecting Jack away from him. He threw off the covers and spread himself out on the bed. "Go ahead. Have your evil, wicked way with me."

"A little overdramatic, Daniel, but, really?"

"Really." Okay, now this was where it was supposed to end. Here. In Daniel's mind, Jack was going to cover him up, tuck the blankets around his body, kiss him goodnight and say 'thanks, but no thanks'. Jack was not supposed to be crawling over him, pulling down his boxers and getting up close and personal with Daniel's dick. Very close and very very personal.

"Umm, Jack?" Daniel levered himself up onto his elbows and tapped Jack on the shoulder.

Jack wore an out-of-place look of innocence as he glanced up, his mouth still firmly ensconced around Daniel's dick. Like he had an ice pop in his mouth as opposed to an integral part of his anatomy, Jack's tongue swirled against his shaft, working his way up, eventually coming up for air.

"Is there a problem?"

"Maybe," Daniel squeaked, trying to remember exactly why he had interrupted Jack in the first place and then his traitorous cock gave a come hither twitch as if it was trying to regain Jack's attention.

"Excuse me, Daniel, I see someone's calling me."

* * *

Unable to sleep, Daniel stared at the ceiling while Jack snored and drooled on his bare chest. Something was very wrong with this picture. He had been exhausted. He had wanted to sleep. Now Jack was making enough noise to wake the neighbors within a five block radius while Daniel was wide awake. Overtired, that was it. He just needed something to help him relax. Okay, he admitted begrudgingly, maybe Jack had had a point with their lack of sex. Technically, Daniel had been on the receiving of Jack's libido, but instead of lighting the pathway into dreamland, as it had done with Jack, for Daniel it had awakened a sleeping dragon. "Jack?"

No answer.

He raked short fingernails up Jack's back. "Jack?"

Jack snorted, Daniel's touch disturbed his breathing patterns but he didn't wake, he just smacked his lips, rubbed his face in Daniel's chest and continued snoring. Daniel ran his hand over Jack's naked ass, his finger skimming along the crack, teasingly diving deeper when he still didn't get a response. Daniel's finger circled Jack's asshole.

"In cause you haven't noticed, *Daniel*, some of us are trying to sleep." Jack reached behind and slapped Daniel's hand away.

"Oh, I see," Daniel said with a wag of his eyebrows and a squeeze to Jack's ass, "when the libido is on the other foot, it's a different story?"

"Excuse me for thinking that my welcome home present would be enough to send you to dreamland with a smile on your face." Jack reached down and dragged the blanket over his body.

"I want to thank you for my present the best way I know how." Daniel threaded his fingers through Jack's hair.

"By letting me go back to sleep?" Jack growled.

"Nope!" In a move, that at any other time would have made Jack's chest swell with pride, the student became the teacher, and Daniel flipped Jack over onto his back.

"Hey!" Shocked, Jack's eyes opened fully.

Daniel straddled Jack's supine position, grinning wickedly at the face inches below his. "Surprise. I'm really not sleepy any more."

"Ya think?"

"To repeat the words of a very wise man, 'you can just lie back and enjoy, I'll do all the work'." Daniel smiled as Jack squirmed.

"I don't think those were my exact words," he gulped as Daniel blew in his ear.

"Okay, maybe I didn't get the words just right," Daniel reached down and grabbed Jack's balls, "though I'm sure I can mimic the action." His fingers walked up the length of Jack's cock. "Am I getting this right?"
"Yeah, I ummm think so." "Just checking-- I mean, I wouldn't want to—" "I'm thinking you would love to nail me to the mattress." Daniel had to smile as Jack's statement was punctuated by a hippo sized yawn. "No." Unlocking his elbows, he lowered himself onto Jack. "I don't want to fuck you, you know." "No? You're kidding? I didn't realize that I was such a poor judge of character. I truly thought—"

"I want to make love to you. Slowly. Very slowly."
Jack snorted. "Daniel, you're doing romantic."

"You have a problem with romantic? Mr. Surprised me with a dozen roses—"

"I got a good buy for them."

"Liar. You got great sex for them."

"Ah!" Jack stuck his finger in Daniel's face. "I got great make up sex for them."

"They were your way of saying you were sorry and that you'd been wrong—"

"No!" Jack shook his head. "I wasn't wrong—"

"You're changing the subject."

"Me? I didn't bring up the roses. You brought up the roses. Actually you brought up everything, me, I was just lying here, with my eyes closed, minding my own business, sleeping, when you decide to become romantic."

"I can do romantic. Are you saying I can't do romantic?" Daniel pinned Jack's shoulders to the pillow, then kissed him, separating only when Jack began to pound on his back.

"Air would be a nice consideration." He gasped and coughed with such a show of exaggeration that Daniel rolled his eyes.

"Wuss. You can breathe through your nose. Use these." He planted a kiss on either side of Jack's nose. "Nostrils take in air and you can exhale through—"

"No one likes a smart-assed romantic."

"See, you just admitted that you think I'm romantic."

"No, Daniel." Jack levered up and gently kissed Daniel's lips. "I used the word romantic loosely. I can interchange romantic with archaeologist and then the sentence would be—"

"Fuck you."

"Talk about full circle, isn't that how this conversation started? Something about you wanting to fuck me?"

"No, I wanted to make love to you, it was you that brought fuck into the conversation."

"No, if I remember correctly, it was you that woke me up getting all touchy—"

"Hell, and if *I* remember, I just wanted to go to sleep in the first place, but you had to—"

"You weren't complaining when I—"

"You're right, I wasn't, but still, I was exhausted, I just wanted to go to sleep, but you had other ideas." Daniel jumped in surprise as callused fingers wrapped themselves around his dick.

"Sometimes I have great ideas, and other times," Jack said, pleasantly increasing the pressure of his hand, "I have to go to plan B."

"There's a plan B?"

"There's always a plan B." Jack grunted as Daniel once again lowered himself to cover Jack's body.

"Tell me about this plan." Daniel extended his neck, allowing Jack full access as he ground his dick into his partner's groin.

"Oh." Rough hands gripped Daniel's ass, forcing him even closer to Jack. "It umm, involves—"

All it took was a tug on Jack's cock, a tweak of a nipple, a deep kiss to get the man to shut up and when they finally separated, Daniel gazed down into Jack's face, blinking innocently. "Did you lose your train of thought?"

"Why are you stopping?" Jack poked Daniel with his hard on.

"I don't know," Daniel sighed. "Maybe to have you beg? Yeah, begging would be nice."

"Begging? Jeezus, Daniel."


"Fuck me now."

Daniel scowled at Jack, rubbing his own hard on against Jack's. "That's begging?"

Jack growled. "Please, fuck me?"

"Oh my, Jack, you're sweating. Is this plan B?"

Jack roared and flipped Daniel over, straddling him. "No, *this* is Plan B."

"Ahhh, I see—this is where you—"

"Kill you."

"Okay, enough with the begging," Daniel quipped. "Time to institute plan C." Daniel wrapped both arms around Jack's upper body, hooked his legs around his, then pulled him in for a kiss, distracting Jack enough to reverse positions, and flip him once again onto his back.

"This is so not my idea of a good plan."

"You'll survive. Enjoy," Daniel said as he slithered down Jack's body.

* * *

"You're heavy and sweaty," Jack groused, rocking enough to wake Daniel from his light doze. Daniel shifted, then backed his now flaccid cock out of Jack's ass, kissing his neck in response to the hiss.


"No, you're not."

"Don't pull that crap on me." Daniel slid off Jack's body, hit the mattress, then turned on his side to face Jack. "You weren't complaining just a few minutes ago. As a matter of fact I think your exact words were 'oh yeah Daniel, oh god, right'—"

With lightening speed, Jack pinched Daniel's lips closed. "Okay, the people who accuse *me* of immaturity have obviously never—"

Daniel plucked the hand that held his lips closed away from his face, kissed the palm, then draped it over his own shoulder, forcing Jack onto his side, to face Daniel. Perfect. Daniel moaned in appreciation for both the bed and the company and folded himself against Jack. "Night."

"No shower?"


"Daniel, I hate to burst your bubble but it's tomorrow already."

"When it's light outside." He could feel his words slowing down as his body was being dragged into slumber.

"Sunrise is in another hour."

"That's nice." There was something very pleasant, comforting and sleep-inducing about lying in the arms of the man marked with your scent. "We'll shower tomorrow. In the afternoon. Together. Then dinner, my treat." Daniel smiled against Jack's arm as he felt him relax.

"Bribery to let you sleep now?"

"No." Daniel answered with as much indignity as he could muster. "Shower. Togetherness. Dinner. All part of Plan C." Daniel yawned, his passion for sex, for the heat of the moment and yes, even for Jack, was flickering against the reawakened desire for sleep. He knew his moments of lucidity were coming to an end, and in the full light of day, he would awaken groaning over his messy, sticky body and the state of the bed. But for now the situation was just right, and there wasn't anything he wanted to change or disturb, even if it meant he slept in the wet spot. That's what passion was all about, wasn't it?

The End!

Author's Comments:

Eight days and counting gals. I never would have been able to get through this without your support. And jo, mistress of the red pen—thank you—though any and all mistakes are mine and mine alone




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