Revelations by devra

I was always under the impression that the majority of life changing moments, most revelations, most epiphanies don't strike in the middle of a spring afternoon, on a Wednesday, in the local grocery story, in the cereal aisle. I always imagined they should take place as eyes meet across a crowded room, glances exchanged over flickering candlelight at a romantic restaurant, or while the rising sun caressed the naked body lying next to you.

But in the scheme of our life.all things considered.the setting was apropos. I don't know what it was that made me realize that the man ten steps ahead of me, crutches bearing his weight, was the person I longed to spend the rest of life with.

Was it the way he stood balancing precariously, comparing his need for the Oreo O's Cereal versus Captain Crunch? Was it the harsh reflection of the lights against the bruises obtained from our last trip through the Stargate? Could it possibly be the smile he gave the elderly woman who showed concern regarding his physical condition?

Up and down the aisles, watching him as he maneuvers awkwardly, filling the cart with items he prefers. Items that will now take up the shelves in my cabinets and my refrigerator. To stand side by side with *my* food staples. I smile inwardly as the reference to food stuffs reminds me of he has begun to share my home. Side by side.pieces of his life occupying mine.

Through the checkout, while paying the cashier, bagging the groceries, I ponder this question. Even as I pack the truck, I am annoyed that this answer, which should be so simple, seems to be so elusive. Why now.after all these years?

Daniel is leaning against the truck, his head thrown back, soaking in the warmth of this spring day sun. Breathing deeply of a day that holds the promise of rebirth, making the harshness of a bitter winter a distant memory. Daniel meets my eyes and smiles.a smile that spreads into his eyes, lighting up his face, making the bruises fade into the background.

And in that smile, is the answer to my question. Why I was struck by an epiphany, on this beautiful spring day, on a Wednesday, in Colorado. Daniel was always ready with the answer.he just needed me to ask myself the question. So here I am in the parking lot of our local store, and I know why I love Daniel.and the answer is simple. Because Daniel loves me. The promise of this spring day and the love reflected in Daniel's eyes overshadow the dark days that came before. And with hope in my heart, I look forward to all the days to come.  

The End!

Author's Comments:written as an answer to the DebiC's challenge from the Tok'ra Flats requesting a sping day fic. This one's for you Debi...enjoy! A challenge is a terrible thing to waste Thanks jo for the quick read thru, to majel and my people on the porch.


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