Strip Tease (1)

"You're going dressed like that?"

Daniel glances down in confusion..."What's wrong with how I'm dressed, Jack? It's only a Sunday barbecue at Janet's house."

Daniel may be the smartest person I know, Daniel may be my lover, Daniel may have opened the secrets of the Stargate...but damn...Daniel has no fashion sense. I push past him, entering his apartment, closing the door behind me. " look like you are going on a job interview or to meet some girl's parents..."

"Some girl's?"

"Semantics, Daniel...doesn't the word relax...casual mean anything to you?"

I can see by his downtrodden expression, I've hurt my linguist's feelings. With a sigh, I grab his hand and pull him into the bedroom. I position him in front of his closet, and make myself comfortable on the bed. Head and upper back propped up by strategically placed pillows against the headboard, I wave my hand in his direction. "Begin."

"Ah...Jack. Begin what?"

Did I mention that besides the no fashion sense thing, Daniel sometimes is so totally clueless, it's frightening. " are not wearing that to Fraiser's house. Let's try for a different look."

"The shirt...I like the shirt..."

" with the plaid."

Daniel unbuttons the shirt...and throws it to the floor. Did I also forget to mention...that clothes mean nothing to Daniel...hence the piles all over his room. His back towards me, Daniel slides hangers back and forth within the closet. He takes a shirt off the hanger and buttons it...his back still towards me, as he tucks it in.

"Let's see Daniel..." Looks the same as the plaid one, which now holds a place of honor on the top of the pile by the bedroom door. "Okay, it's solid...that's a plus. It's blue...even better. Roll up the sleeves."

Whoa...I'm impressed...Daniel is doing what I ask him. He looks up...I can see from where I blue his eyes are in that shirt. "Take off the pants..."

"Excuse me?"

"Pants off now. That's an order."

"Jack, I'm a civilian and I don't have to..."

"Pants, Daniel."

He unbuttons his pants...and slides them down over his ass, his thighs...his slim...this is getting to be quite a turn on. He starts a new pile, as he throws his pant into the corner of the room. Shirttails hanging over his boxers, he pulls out another pair of pants and puts them on. He stands in front of me, arms spread.

"Preppy...too preppy. Looks like you are going for the college rowing team look."

"Gimme a hint...shirt, pants..."

"Both, " I reply haughtily from the throne bed. My heart begins to pound and I lick surprisingly dry lips as I survey Daniel. Except for his boxers..., I am treated to one of the seven wonders of the world. Long lean legs, tight ass, broad shoulders...I know what is under those boxers ..."Daniel," my voice cracks as I say his name. I clear my throat...and close my eyes. Hopefully when I open them, either Daniel will be dressed or my sudden and painful erection will disappear. I grab a pillow from behind my head...and position it nonchalantly over my groin.

Daniel tries on at least five or more outfits on, my erection appears and disappears contingent upon his state of undress. Throughout this fashion show...I keep the pillow on my lap for safekeeping. The piles in his room grow with discarded articles of clothing. He keeps the boxers on. Always the boxers ... I again close my eyes as I concentrate very hard to send Daniel mental images to go commando for his next outfit.

"Except for pajamas Jack...I can't get any more casual than this." My erection now strains not only against my jeans, but I swear, the pillow just moved. I groan inwardly as I take in the sight before me. Regulation black tee shirt...must've seen those on Daniel thousands of time. This one though, appears to have gone through the dry cycle one time too many. Tight in all the right places...across his chest, his upper arms...Daniel's back. But the piece de resistance...those jeans. I have *never* seen those on Daniel before.

"Daniel?" Surprised my voice still works. Surprised there are coherent thought process taking place in my brain. All my blood seems pooled in my groin area.

"Surprised they still fit. From a dig in Egypt, I believe, buried far in the back of my closet...must've been years since I saw them...forgot I even *owned* a pair of jeans."

The jeans in question, hug Daniel like they are second skin. Worn through at the knees, the rear of these pants have almost a see through look. With a growl, I jump off the bed, grab Daniel's denim ass, and pull him towards me. "Where have you been hiding these..." I kiss his neck, unbutton the pants, pull the tee shirt up...

Daniel's whimpers when I open the pants enough to gain access to his penis. He grips the back of my head, and pulls our lips together in a fevered frenzy.

"Casual, Jack." He moans, as I detach my lips from his...and begin a trail of kisses down his throat.

"Don't do casual, Daniel..."

* * * * *

Daniel is making soft satiated moaning noises, as he lies on the bed sans clothing. Finally the boxers are off, strewn somewhere in the room. The revered jeans and tee shirt have been folded and placed lovingly over a chair. I kiss Daniel's sweat drenched chest as he moans in pleasure. He pulls me in for a kiss, his tongue searches out mine. We are going for round two, when the telephone rings.

He throws himself back with a loud exhale, I answer the phone, Daniel answers my erect penis. No one would question why I answer Daniel phone... hopefully no one would really care. The penis thing may raise a few eyebrows though.

"O'Neill, here."



Daniel stops touching me at the sound of Carter's name. I place my hand over the receiver, so she cannot hear us. " don't have to stop handling the merchandise...Carter can't see us." Did I happen to mention, how much of Daniel's body turns red when he blushes. I resume the conversation with Carter.

"You're late, Sir. We are kinda holding dinner for you and Daniel."

"I apologize Carter. Actually Daniel wants to apologize...Daniel truly had a problem with what to *wear* to the barbecue and I was just helping him decide.  

The End!

Author's Comments: See Strip Tease2 for Daniel's POV

To majel and jo. for our Friday night chat, a challenge per se. A promise of a paperclip, a hoppping plot bunny.and a name for another fic. Thanks girls! This is being posted at jo's suggestion, not beta'd, mistakes are completely all mine!


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