Jack's Shower by devra

I'm tired...actually I'm exhausted. Three days in Washington, D.C. meeting with the suits..playing with numbers. I'm mentally exhausted. As I park my truck, I acknowledge Daniel's car in my driveway. I love him...I love him as a member of SG1, I love him as my best friend, and I love him as the person I wish to spend the rest of my life with. But I am *so* not in the mood to listen to him tonight. With a twinge of guilt, I find myself hoping to find Daniel either sleeping or so engrossed in the Discovery Channel/research/reading that he won't even pay any attention to me.

Soon as I enter the foyer, I am aware that Daniel is awake and involved in absolutely nothing more stimulating than a shower. He is singing, loudly I might add, a Beatle tune and despite how tired I am, I can feel a smile beginning to form. Obviously, not all of my body is tired, as I picture a naked Daniel in my shower. I am sporting a tremendous hard on by the time I enter the bathroom.

Daniel's singing repertoire has now moved onto Metallica and I roll my eyes at my lover's eclectic taste in music. To be heard over the singing and running water, I shout out his name, the sound of which reverberates within the bathroom walls. The singing stops immediately.



"You're home?"

"Obviously, Daniel. What are you doing in my shower?"

He turns off the water and opens the shower door and I am treated to a naked, wet and dripping Daniel. I sigh, it doesn't get better than this.

"Well,it's kind of a long story, Jack. Could you hand me a towel, please?"

I hand him a towel, close the toilet lid and sit, waiting for Daniel to entertain me with his story. And I am sure it is very entertaining, but I couldn't repeat it if my life depended on it. My eyes are feasting on Daniel standing not two feet in front of me, naked except for a towel wrapped low around his hips. In full lecture mode, hands accompanying his story, hair in spikes, without glasses. The heat of the bathroom bringing a blush to his cheeks and the remnants of the shower dripping down his chest, I swear the temperature in the bathroom just went up 20 degrees. I glance down...barefoot with a puddle of water forming around his feet.

"What do you think Jack?"

He stopped talking? I answer him the only possible way I know. I get up and give him a big kiss, rubbing myself up against him. Then I step back to gauge his reaction.

"Oh..." My clueless lover glances down at his mostly naked, wet body...then over to me. " *Oh*" and he smiles...one of those smiles he saves just for me. "I missed you Jack."

I take his hand and place it against my groin "I missed you more, Daniel." I keep a firm hold on his hand and lead him to the bedroom noting that Daniel has dropped the towel somewhere along the way.

* * * *

My arms hold an archeologist on the cusp of sleep, my chest covered with his drool and I realize I wouldn't have it any other way. I reach down and pull the comforter over us listening to Daniel mutter. "Thanks for letting me use your shower, Jack."

"Ahh, Daniel, believe me, anytime you need to, feel free to shower at my house." I whisper before letting sleep overtake me.  

The End!

Author's Comments: Okay the Challenge had to feature the following: Jack comes home from work tired He hears a shower and finds Daniel in his shower 'Daniel, why are you taking a shower in my house?' Daniel calls from the shower, 'Well it's kind of a long story. Can you hand me a towel?' I think I got it all covered. Completely unbeta'ed sorry...just had to do it. Couldn't get the picture of Daniel in the shower out of my mind.


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