Doctor's Orders by devra

Jack leaned against his truck, watching Daniel take in the serenity and beauty of the surrounding area. A week away...days away from the SGC...away from the Stargate...away from the paperwork. Whole days, nights with bed, in a cabin, in the mountains ...alone. Warm showers, hot sweaty nights, with one soon to be naked archeologist. Time away, compliments of one Janet Fraiser, MD.

* * * * *

"He's exhausted Colonel. I can't sanction another trip through the Stargate with Daniel in this condition. Take him away from here...the beach...the mountains... Disney World for all I care. Just not here. No books, no research, translations or goa'ulds. I'm letting the General know that, as of this moment, SG1 is on medical stand down."

Jack had been called to the infirmary when Daniel failed to pass his pre-mission checkup. He sat on the gurney, hands in lap, head hanging...listening to Janet and Jack speak as if he wasn't there. Daniel hadn't protested Janet's proclamation, lending credence to Jack's belief in the wisdom of the doctor's words.

* * * * *

So Jack rented this house in the mountains...close enough to the small town for food, far enough away from prying eyes. Jack's heart constricted with guilt , as he looked for the first time, in a Daniel. Fraiser was right, the smudges under the eyes, the way he carried himself, the way the clothes hung on him. Where had Jack been? Jack had been right there with Daniel, but the SGC had begun consuming their life, and the time they had been spending together on missions, in the mountain and in each other's arms had lessened over the past months. Even with SG1 on an occasional stand down, Daniel's expertise had been required...needed...demanded... until Fraiser had pulled the plug.

Daniel walked to where Jack was standing and the two men now stood almost nose to nose. Daniel stepped forward, straddling Jack's body with his own. "Nice car." Daniel began to slowly caress the hard body of the Avalanche, while caressing Jack with his other hand, stroking Jack through the soft material of the denim. "Hard where it should be hard...sturdy." Daniel was interrupted as Jack kissed him, moaning in appreciation. Daniel broke the kiss off, grabbing Jack's ass. "Hmmm, soft where it counts....where it should be soft."

An unbidden memory of a pile of ruined and twisted metal popped into Jack's mind. He closed his eyes against the onslaught and began to pepper Daniel's neck with tiny kisses. Each one for a minute scar caused by shattered glass. Now healed, barely visible to the naked eye...Jack knew where each and every one of those marks resided on Daniel's body. "Calling me soft, Daniel?"

Daniel stepping back, he glanced at Jack's erection visible through the worn material of his pants. "Obviously, not where it matters, Jack."

Daniel went to step forward, Jack placing a restraining hand on his chest. "No Daniel. A week....and counting. I intend to keep you naked and in bed for the whole time....but we need to shop and put supplies in the house... first. So, let's unpack, go to town, have lunch and buy enough supplies so for we never have to leave the house."

* * * * *

"Daniel...what are these?"

"Flannel....flannel pajamas," Daniel mumbled.

"Why are there *new* flannel pajamas on my side of the bed? Daniel?"

"For you," Daniel replied, flustered. "I wanted to see, how...ya know."

"Ya know? You are a degreed linguist, Daniel, 'ya know', should *not* be part of your vocabulary." Jack moved forward, the clear plastic covering the offensive pj's crinkling in his grasp. "You are incorrigible, Daniel."

Jack kissed Daniel gently on the cheek. "Thanks."

Pushing up his glasses, his eyes enlarged behind the wire frames. "'re welcome."

Jack placed the flannels back on the bed, he fished in his pocket for the keys to the truck, throwing them to his partner. "Go start the car, Daniel...I'll be right out."

Jack waited with a trained ear, listening for the sound of the front door open and close. He then went into his suitcase, pulled out the flannels *he* bought for Daniel and placed the package on Daniel's side of the bed. "Ah, Daniel, great minds think alike."

* * * * *

Jack was furious with himself. They had driven into town, ate lunch, shopped, returned to the house, unloaded the groceries, and sat down to relax and enjoy a movie. And *he* fell asleep. Not Daniel, the exhausted one...him. Mentally berating himself, he got up in search of Daniel.

He stood in the doorway smiling, Daniel's back to him cooking dinner. Humming quietly as he stirred a pot on the stove. Jack tried to decide if the feeling he was experiencing was because of his love for Daniel, the desire to do this family thing on a daily basis, or just because the man cooking dinner for him touched a part of Jack he thought he had closed off to the world.

"Did *you* sleep, Daniel?"

Daniel turned, chagrin apparent on his face. "No, I really wasn't tired, Jack. Wanted to start dinner...finish dinner..."

"Make our way to dessert."

"Dessert would be fine...I was thinking more along the lines of pajamas...flannels."

Jack let loose with a hearty belly laugh. "You're blushing, Daniel."

Daniel dismissed him with a look of mock indignation. "Make yourself useful, Jack. Set the table."

* * * * *

"Didn't you like it?" Daniel asked as he removed the plate that contained Jack's barely eaten dinner.

"I really wasn't that hungry." Jack scrubbed his face with his hands. "Got aspirin?"

"Yeah...." Daniel tipped three out of the container and put a glass of water on the table in front of Jack. "Tea? Soup?" Daniel reached up to feel Jack's forehead. "Don't Daniel...okay? Just don't."

"Sorry," Daniel backed away in confusion, turning to sort through the dishes on the counter. Jack pushed himself off the chair. "Sorry, Daniel." He wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close. Daniel could feel the heat rising off Jack, obviously from a fever.

"Bed...let's go."


" can you even think....sleep, fever, sick."


Wordlessly, Daniel escorted Jack to the bedroom. "Undress....flannels....sleep. In that order, Jack."

"I love it when you take charge, Daniel."

Daniel hoped that this was a 24 hour virus...Jack was never known for his ability to be a good patient.

* * * *

Daniel remembered, that he had thought, at some point, that maybe Jack had a 24 hour virus. An additional twenty four hours later, Daniel was exhausted, and Jack was sick and pissy. He was going to come home from this vacation needing a vacation. They couldn't even leave if they wanted to...the brightness of the morning against the two feet of snow blinded him in the early daylight.

Daniel padded lightly into the bedroom...Jack was asleep, snoring loudly. The pillows next to Jack were empty and plumped, waiting for someone's head. *His* flannels, just nice and inviting. Daniel stripped out of his sweats, put on the flannels...Jack wouldn't mind if his "nurse" caught a few hours sleep.

Quietly, Daniel pulled the covers back, sliding into their warmth. Counting the hours, instead of sheep, until they would be able to return to the SGC where he could deposit a sick, complaining Jack, letting him be someone else's problem.

Daniel awoke to someone shaking him. He groaned as that offending movement kicked started a headache lying dormant. "I think my fever has gone back up, Daniel...I need aspirin."

The darkness of the room surprised him. He has joined Jack in bed in the early morning. "What time is it?"

"Well my last aspirin *was* way over four hours ago. Tea would be nice, also."

Daniel sat up, the room spinning convulsively. He flung himself back down on the bed. "Sick."

"Yeah...I know I am."

"No, me."

Daniel felt a hand touch his forehead. "I don't feel the same temperature as me." Silence. "I guess you need aspirin too. And tea."

Daniel was the sick, pull the blanket over your head leave me alone sick. Jack was the I'm sick...look I'm sick...please take care of me sick. This was not going to be an easy ride.

Daniel slid his aching body off the bed. "I'll get tea and aspirin." Daniel appeared later, carrying a tray laden with crackers, tea, water bottles, and aspirin. He put it on the table in the bedroom and maneuvered the table over to Jack's side of the bed.

Eyeing the flannel clad archeologist, Jack questioned "You were gone awhile, Daniel."

"I think I feel asleep at the kitchen table, waiting for the water to boil." Daniel walked over to his side of the bed, eyes closed, hands out in front of his body. He grunted as his knees made contact with the mattress. He got back in the bed, covering his head with the blanket. Jack nudged Daniel. "Take the aspirin and water first, okay." Daniel did what Jack asked, then pulled the covers over his head, he whined. "Now, let me die in peace. Okay?"

Jack finished the tea, took two aspirin and contemplated calling Fraiser. He was too lethargic to even look for the telephone, choosing instead to spoon up to Daniel. He slid the covers down, pulled him close, enjoying the feel of the flannel in his hands.

"Feels nice, Daniel."

"Didn't exactly want to *wear* the pajamas, Jack. Didn't really want to *keep* them on."

* * * *

Blinding light streaming through the windows caused Jack to groan and throw a pillow over his abused eyes. The light wasn't what awakened him though, the sound emanating from the bathroom had done that. He slowly pulled the pillow down.


A load groan from behind the partially closed door was his response, before the sound of vomiting began anew.

"Daniel, you okay?"

Flushing, then running water and the sound of an electric toothbrush answered. Jack slowly sat up in bed, closing his eyes against the pounding symphony that had taken up residence in his head.

Gingerly, Jack turned and eyed Daniel making his way cautiously over to the bed, hand over his abdomen.

"Okay, Daniel?"

"Sure, just peachy, Jack."

"Feel any better?"

"Better than 20 minutes ago, when I felt that every body part I owned was being forced...oh, never mind."

"Glad you feel better...can I have some tea?"

"You just had. Didn't I get you tea a little while ago?"

Jack indicated the sun lit windows and the bedside clock. "Don't quote me on this...cause I'm really not sure what today is...but I think I had tea last night."

Daniel mumbled something under his breath....didn't quite sound like English to Jack. "Care to repeat that, Daniel?"

"No, Jack, not really."

Daniel sat at the end of the bed, pressing the heels of his hands to his temples. Mindful of his own pounding head, Jack leaned forward to rub soothing circles on Daniel's back. "Vacation SG1 style, huh Daniel?"

Daniel gave him a wan smile. "Headache."

Jack nodded in agreement, handing Daniel a water bottle and two aspirin from the bedside table. "Dehydration..." Jack tipped the bottle towards Daniel. "Drink it." Daniel took enough to down the aspirin, handing the bottle back to Jack. "More, Daniel." Jack said pushing it back to Daniel.

"I can't."

"You can."

Daniel drank two more sips. "That's it, Jack."

Jack took the bottle, placed it on the table and handed Daniel the empty tea mug.

"Is this your subtle way of telling me you want tea, Jack?"

Jack watched as Daniel shuffled out of the bedroom, mug in one hand, his other hand holding the wall for support. Jack got up tentatively, not sure if this was a good move, and proceeded to the bathroom. He relieved himself, taking a swift glance in the mirror over the sink and was shocked that he looked as bad as he felt.

Bed was calling his name and he crawled back under the covers. He heard the front door to the house open and close..."Daniel?"

He waited a few minutes...again calling Daniel's name. Exasperation filled Daniel's voice as he answered. "I'll be right there."

Daniel placed the tea on the table, got into bed, crawling over Jack's body in the process. "Honey?"

"Honey? Now is not the time for endearments, Jack." Daniel groaned and pulled himself into a fetal ball, facing Jack. "Flannels or not...just the thought of..."

"Even sick, Daniel, get your mind outta the gutter. Honey...not you honey...even though you are a hon...." Jack slid down, kissing Daniel on the forehead.

"Please don't even go there, Jack."

"Honey for my tea, Daniel. Was there honey for my tea."

"Jack, did we buy honey? If we bought's in the kitchen. And that is where *you* are going to get it. And if we didn't buy honey...which to my knowledge, we didn't...then it is still in the store, on the shelf and no matter how much you beg me, *I* am not going to shovel out the truck and go get it."

"Shovel out the truck? It snowed?"

"Lotsa snow..."

Jack leaned over to get the mug of tea. He sat up pushing the pillows against the headboard, lightly resting one hand on Daniel's head. "Daniel...were you outside checking out the snow?"


"Why did you open up the door?"

"Needed to throw out the garbage."


"Told you I didn't want the water, got sick."


"Rather the garbage than the floor, Jack. Woulda made you clean the floor."

"Sorry, Daniel. I just hate throwing up. You think *I'm* gonna start throwing up soon? God...I can't stand when that feeling before ...Hey, Daniel, where are you going?"

Daniel threw back the bed covers and stomped into the bathroom. He emerged holding the bathroom garbage pail. "This is for you." Slamming the plastic pail on the wood floor by Jack's side of the bed. He began to gesture wildly, "You got your pail, your tea, your crackers." Daniel paused, throwing the remote from the nightstand onto the bed. "You got your remote, your aspirin, your water...what else do you possibly need?"

Taking a sip of tea, Jack replied, "You...Daniel, I need you." Patting the side of the bed. "Now get your fine, fevered, flannel clad ass in bed with me."

* * * * *

A cold breeze cutting through the flannel of Jack's pajama bottoms woke him. Seeking heat from the only other source available, Daniel had moved closer and closer to Jack, eventually pushing him to the edge of the bed. He physically began shoving Daniel towards the center of the bed.

"Whaaaat Jack?"

"Move over, Daniel...."Jack hissed with the effort of moving Daniel to the center ring of this circus.

"You're warm."

Jack slipped his hand under Daniel's top. "Well, I think you're warmer. Time for water and aspirin."


Jack got out of bed slowly and opened the closet in the bedroom where, like in most rentals, extra blankets were...and pillows..."Yup, Daniel I found them." He dumped them on the bed. Daniel moved, leaning forward to greedily grab the blankets. Jack grabbed his hand instead. "Wait". Jack positioned the pillows so they cushioned the headboard. Sitting, using the pillows as a backrest, he motioned for Daniel to sit between his legs.

"Too much effort." Daniel moaned.

Jack patted the bed. "Come here, Daniel."

Too uncomfortable to argue with Jack, Daniel moved into the desired position, pulling the blanket with him.

Jack handed Daniel a bottle of water. "Drink it."

"'s warm."

"Use your imagination Daniel. Imagine we're on a mission, and it's a desert planet, and you're drinking from your canteen."

"At this point, the only thing I want to imagine is sleeping."

Jack kissed the top of Daniel's head. He moved to Daniel's neck, his jaw line. Jack playfully raking his tongue over Daniel's unshaven cheeks. "That's the only thing you can imagine?"

"You are obviously feeling better."

"Yeah...I guess I am. I'm thinking you're feeling worse...Daniel, drink the water."

Holding the bottle tentatively to his lips, Daniel began to drink, slow sips turning to gulps. "Hey...." Daniel cried as Jack pulled the bottle from his hands. "Besides the fact that you are going to make yourself sick, and end up throwing up in need to take aspirin." Jack shook four into the palm of his hand. "Two for you and two for me."

Jack pulled Daniel closer to him, pulling the blanket up to cover the younger man. Daniel settled back with a sigh. "Not a vacation for the record books."

"Well look at it this way, Daniel. We are both hot, in flannels, and in bed. Wasn't that our intention?"

"Well not exactly. I was really hoping.... "

"Togetherness. Bed."


"Okay two out of three isn't bad."

Daniel slid down and rested his head on Jack's thigh. Laying a hand on Daniel's forehead, Jack could feel the heat of the fever.

"'re hot."

"Why, Jack...what a nice thing to say." Jack chuckled and settled down as Daniel maneuvered his pillow into Jack's groin, wrapping his arms around Jack's thigh. Daniel shifted trying of get into a comfortable position.

Jack realized that he must have been feeling better. Certain parts of his body that were unresponsive only this morning...seemed to have awaked with Daniel's proximity. "Go to sleep, Daniel."

Jack could feel Daniel's breathing and heartbeat against his hand and moments later, he drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *

Jack awoke to a darkened room, covered by a Daniel blanket. He fumbled in the bed for the remote...turning the TV to CNN. He shook Daniel's shoulder. "Wake up, Daniel."

Daniel rolled off Jack...mumbling a word in Abydonian. Jack tried again and was rewarded by the opening of one eye. "What?"

"We've been here for four days..."

"That's wonderful Jack...enjoying every minute of this vacation. I'm think I'm going for five. Wake me in the morning." He blindly reached out to pat Jack's arm. "Glad you're feeling better."

Jack took stock...Daniel was right, he did feel better. Sweaty, smelly, in dire need of a shower and shave...but better. A little lightheaded from lack of sustenance... but that was easily fixable.

"Gonna shave, shower and make breakfast, Daniel. Want anything? Toast? Juice? Coffee...."

"Maybe coffee?"

Daniel opened both eyes as Jack gently kissed his forehead and laid a hand on the back of his neck. "Jack?"

"Checking for fever, Daniel."

"I'm fine."

"Yeah...just keep telling yourself that."

* * * * *

Jack exited the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist, aAmazed at how therapeutic a little soap and water could be.

Jack sat at the end of the bed, shaking the lump of covers. "Jack, no one is home, and unless you have coffee..."

"I'm only wearing a towel."

Daniel burrowed out from under the covers. "I'm not impressed. Now if you were only wearing a towel *and* carrying coffee...then I would be impressed."

"Pissy and sick..."

Daniel disappeared under the covers, dismissing Jack with a groan.

* * * *

Clean clothes felt wonderful against his body and the majestic beauty of the melting snow and mountains made him feel totally cleansed. The breakfast of eggs, toast and juice fortified him.

Daniel had probably been hit harder with this virus due to his run down condition. Jack set the tray of breakfast and coffee on the nightstand. "Daniel."


Shaking the blanket covered shoulder, Jack tried again. "Daniel."

"You're worse than Fraiser..."

"No penlight, promise. Coffee and toast."

Jack argued with Daniel, but the younger man acquiesced and ate the toast and took the aspirin. The coffee was a given, no discussion at all. He held the cup out to Jack. "Can I have some more?"

"Sure, Oliver."

Jack came back to the bedroom, steaming coffee in hand. Daniel was lying in bed with his eyes closed, Jack waved the coffee under his sick lover's nose. Daniel picked up his hand and weakly waved Jack away. "Unless you want the toast and coffee to revisit you, Jack...Please take that away. The first one's not sitting great as it is."

"Are you telling me you don't *want* coffee? I'm calling Fraiser..."

"Very funny, Jack." Daniel slid away from Jack as he placed a hand on his forehead. "What confirmation do you want. I just have a fever, I just want to sleep and I *just* want to be left alone to suffer to peace. Go away, Jack."

* * * * *

Jack got into bed, wrinkling his nose at the odor of sickness that permeated the room. He was going to tactfully mention a shower to Daniel, when his aforementioned lover quietly whispered his name. "Jack?"

"I'm here, Daniel." With a sigh, Jack opened his arms as Daniel crept his way along the bed, dragging his numerous blankets with him. He settled on Jack with an almost inaudible whimper, draping his leg over Jack's calves, burrowing his head into Jack's neck. Jack had decided early today, while steeping a cup of tea for Daniel, if the fever doesn't break by tonight, he was throwing Daniel, sickness and all into the Avalanche and taking him back to Fraiser in the morning. Every four hours like clockwork, he had been supplying tea and aspirin to a recalcitrant archeologist, hoping that the fever would present a sign of abating.

Jack slid his hands under the elastic of Daniel's flannels, using his grip on Daniel's ass to pull him in closer. "Well hello, someone's feeling better," Jack commented in surprise feeling Daniel's erection against his hip.

"Involuntary reaction," Daniel murmured.


"Like a heart beating. Something that my body just does when I am near you, in bed."

"I bet you say that to all the guys."

Jack waited a moment or two for a snappy retort from Daniel, but seconds turned to minutes. Jack realized with a lopsided smile that Daniel had returned to slumber mode, his erection still causing havoc with Jack's body parts. He kissed the top of Daniel's head, adjusted the blankets around them...and accompanied Daniel in REM sleep.

* * * * *

Awareness entered Daniel's consciousness in steps. Thirst was probably what made him open his eyes; his parched throat screaming for attention. Daniel was drenched...physically wrung out. The flannels, the bed clothes, the pillows, anything that had contact with him, was covered in his sweat. Inhaling, he wrinkled his nose in distaste as the smell of body odor and sickness entered his nostrils, making him fully cognizant.

"Feeling better, Daniel?"

Daniel cracked open his eyes, latching onto the water bottle Jack waved enticingly in front of him. "Before you drink...." Jack placed pillows behind Daniel, propping him up to drink. "Now slow."

Daniel tried to gauge his intake of water, but it was still being consumed too fast for Jack. "Slowly, Daniel..." Tenderly, Jack ran his hands through Daniel's hair.

"Ugghhh. I need a shower...I need fumigation. I need the bathroom, my toothbrush, a shave. " Daniel contemplated his next flow of words. "Coffee, food, and sex."

"Order of importance, Daniel?"

"No," Daniel said, throwing back the covers. "I need to pee before I shower." He stood, swaying as a wave of dizziness hit. "Woa..."

Jack grabbed his elbow, guiding him to the bathroom. "Mr. Multiple PhD's, what did you think? You've been horizontal for 5 days, and except for yesterday's tea and crackers, you haven't eaten anything."

"Aspirin, I've swallowed enough aspirin to keep a heart attack at bay until I'm over 100. Don't those bottles come with warning labels, regarding the amount a person can consume in 24 hours?" Daniel gently disengaged his elbow from Jack's firm grasp. "Jack, you don't need to accompany me to the bathroom."

"I'll be waiting right here."

Daniel closed the door behind him, Jack leaned against the wall. Contemplating his nails, counting....listening. Jack smiled as he heard the shower and Daniel's loud groan of appreciation.

* * * * *

Daniel emerged from the bathroom, showered and shaved, wrapped only in large bath towel. "Waiting for something, Jack?"

Jack pushed Daniel up against the wall...letting his hands' traveling over Daniel's freshly washed body do the talking for him. A flick of Jack's wrist gave him full access to this well loved body, as the towel puddled around Daniel's ankles. A moan escaped Daniel's lips as Jack's fingers wrapped themselves around his already engorged penis. His breath quickening, Daniel latched hungrily onto Jack's mouth, his talented tongue eliciting a groan from Jack. Blindly, Daniel groped for the zipper on Jack's pants.

"Bed...Daniel now..."

"No...Just showered...we were...I was sick in that bed for days. Feels disgus...Feels good, Oh God, Jack. Don't stop. Daniel whimpered as Jack's hands place feather-light strokes along the length of his penis.

Grabbing Daniel's hand, shedding his clothes along the way, Jack pulled him into the living room. A fire in the fireplace was already spreading warmth in the room, their elongated shadows dancing on the far wall. The rug on the floor cushioned them as Jack coveted his lover by the light of the fire.

* * * *

Jack separated himself from Daniel's embrace, careful not to wake the sleeping man. Cursing his age, Daniel's youth, his knees and the hardness of the floor, he stiffly retrieved the patchwork quilt from the couch. Jack gave Daniel's naked, prone body a look of admiration before covering him with the quilt.

Never opening his eyes, Daniel murmured "I'm fine...left over residual heat from would be nice though."

Smiling, Jack remembered their recently culminated lovemaking. "I *know* you're fine, Daniel. I'm going to shower first...then coffee and food."

* * * * * *

Placing the tray of food on the coffee table, Jack added another log to the fire, watching as it caught the embers and began to glow with heat. The room was cold, Jack realized, and the archeologist was lying under that blanket naked, head pillowed in the crook of his arm. Matching the log, Jack's body began to glow with heat of desire. He lowered himself, mindful of his knee, to the rug and gathered the slumbering Daniel in his arms. He laughed, believing that this was *not* the idea that Walt Disney had when he wrote the scene of Prince Charming awaking Sleeping Beauty with a kiss.

* * * * * *

From his prone position on the couch, Jack groaned as he watched Daniel lick the spoon overflowing with ice cream. "Daniel, I think you just consumed a week's days worth of food in one sitting."

Daniel placed the half eaten container on the coffee table surveying the mess in front of him, burping loudly in response to Jack's statement.

"So glad I get to see the *real* you Daniel. Of course, no one would believe me if I told them what a slut and mannerless person you actually are."

"Mannerless, that a word?"

"With regard to you it is, Daniel."

Daniel leaned back against the couch, moving into Jack's touch, as the older man carded his fingers through his hair. "We have to leave tomorrow?"

"Yup...sorry, wasn't the vacation I was hoping for...or you were hoping for was it?"

Daniel shook his head "But it answered a question of mine." He got up abruptly and moved into the direction of the bedroom.


Moments later he was back, carrying at arm's length, two pairs of flannel pajamas. Moving the grating, he threw them into the burning fireplace, they caught and flared immediately as he replaced the screen. "Hmm... so much for flame resistant."

Jack repeated his gesture as Daniel returned to his previous position by the couch. "Daniel?"

"Never want to see you in flannels again, Jack. Never want to see me in flannels again. Never buy them, never wear them...ever. "

Jack laughed, placing a kiss on Daniel's neck. "I have to agree Daniel...naked is better."

* * * * * *

The two men sat in the commissary sharing a morning coffee and breakfast.

"Welcome back, Sir...Daniel."

"You're looking a might pale this morning, Carter."

"Not eating?" Daniel questioned, taking in the lone Styrofoam cup of tea on her tray.

"Aarrrgh. Don't even mention food. You should be glad you were away. There was a terrible virus going around the mountain. Fever, nausea, chills. Everyone caught it...even Teal'c. God...all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and sleep." Sam picked up her cup in mock salute. "Well the worst of it is over, hopefully. Glad to see you back and healthy and well rested. How was the vacation?"

"We relaxed."

"Laid around."

"Enjoyed the snow."

"Drank until we got sick."


"I'm jealous. Sounds like you two had a great vacation."

"Wonderful." Daniel replied sipping his coffee.

"Yup...have to agree with Daniel...we had a wonderful week."  

The End!

Author's Comments: Thanks as always to Majel (mmmm) for things said and unsaid. To Jo for the website in answer to *that* question and for Debi C who can always make me laugh. Two pair of flannel pajamas valiantly gave their lives in the writing of this fic. Oh yeah...guest appearance by Jack's car 2002 Avalanche


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