Downtime by devra and MajelB


Peacefully going about her work in her little infirmary office, her back to the door as she rifled carefully through a drawer of her filing cabinet, Janet Fraiser jumped a foot into the air. The unfortunate files she already had in her arms flew considerably higher.

"Sam! Jesus Christ, you can't just sneak *up* on somebody like that!" Janet howled, clutching her chest and turning to face the blonde woman in the doorway.

Sam was fighting a valiant battle against hysterical laughter and was on the brink of losing, holding her breath as a last resort.

"Go ahead," Janet sighed, finally noting the blue tint of the lips framing Sam's ridiculously vibrant smile. Sam stepped into the office, closed the door, and took a deep breath.

"No, I wasn't going to laugh," Sam said innocently, bending down to help Janet pick the loose papers up off the floor.

Hidden momentarily by Janet's desk, Sam leaned over and pulled her lover into a deep, but playful kiss. They smiled and parted, both glad to have been able to finally greet each other properly.

"Did you get it?" Janet asked, gathering papers into her arms.

"Yep!" Sam smiled and pecked Janet on the cheek. "Three whole days of downtime... and a *whole* lot of fun and interesting ways I could think of to spend it," she continued with a mischievous grin. "Did you get the reservations?"

"Yep," Janet replied mirthfully. "When can we get outta here?"

"Weeellll..." Sam winced. Janet stopped to look at her.

"Oh, no. What?" Janet asked, her heart sinking into her stomach. "What did you do? Sam, we've been planning this for-"

"For weeks, I know. Don't worry. It's nothing."

"Define 'nothing,' Sam."

"Well, 'nothing' as in the Colonel and Daniel haven't left the base yet. If they see us leaving together or find out or something... we just have to wait 'till they leave, that's all."

* * * *

"We'll just have to wait 'till they leave, that's all, Jack. We can't walk out together, again, with luggage," Daniel stated as he pointed over to his packed suitcase.

"Oh come on, Daniel, what the hell is the big deal?" Jack had reached the end of his endurance. His archeologist had been off world with another team for almost ten days, and Jack shivered at the thought of another cold shower to release his sexual tension. "Jeez, Daniel, we have downtime, you are home, and I have a big..."

Daniel turned to face his lover, his eyes wandering down to his crotch, "You have a big what, Jack?"

"You know, you are an wicked man," Jack said, following Daniel's line of vision. He stepped forward, about to give in to the urge to envelope Daniel in his arms for a proper greeting. Daniel placed a hand against Jack's chest, stalling his forward motion.

"Cameras," Daniel hissed.

Jack sighed in frustration and sat at the edge of Daniel's desk. "I was going to say, before I was so rudely interrupted...I have a big surprise."

Daniel sat on his couch, leaning his head against the back. "Coming back to the SGC, having downtime, finding that you packed a suitcase for me...doesn't take a Ph.D. for me to realize something is going on. "

"Yup," Jack checked his watch, "Time's a wasting, get that sorry ass off that couch, and let's go." He stepped forward, nudging Daniel's leg with his knee. Daniel groaned in response, and took the helping hand Jack offered. Daniel stifled a yawn. "Sleep, wherever we are going has a bed? Right?"

"You can sleep on the trip there, but I am sure it has a bed, big bed." Daniel rewarded Jack with a very *promising* grin. God, if the people of the SGC ever knew what a slut Dr. Jackson was, Jack would be beating the competition off with a stick.

Jack wasn't aware that he was still holding Daniel's hand, until Daniel halted his hurried progress to the door. "Jack, suitcase."

"Oops." Jack bent to retrieve the forgotten item.

"Jack, what are we going to say if we see them...Janet and Sam."

"I don't know...lie. Tell them your building is being fumigated."

"Again? We used that excuse last time."

"Visiting my parents?"

Blue eyes rolled heavenward. "Used that the time before that."

"Well, genius boy, what should we tell them?"

"The truth?"

"Very funny. Your honesty is touching." Jack laughed..."I said your honesty was touching...not that you should be Cameras, Daniel?"

"Hand slipped. Let's just leave, and hope we don't see them. What are the odds that we will all be leaving the mountain at the same time?"

* * * *

"What are the odds that we will all be leaving the mountain at the same time, anyway? I mean really, Sam. You do overanalyze sometimes."

"I'm not overanalyzing, Janet, I'm being practical."

"More like paranoid."



Teal'c could not help but be amused as he walked down the corridor to his quarters. Since no one could actually see him for the moment, he allowed himself a small twinge of a smile as he wondered at the juvenile tendencies of his friends.

"Daniel, I'm telling you... there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to be worried."

Teal'c's smile faded and he stopped dead in his tracks. Behind him, Doctor Fraiser and Major Carter were slowly making their way to the elevators to his direct left, struggling with a few pieces of overfilled luggage. While, at the same moment, O'Neill and Daniel Jackson turned a corner a few paces ahead of him, engaged in conversation, and with luggage of their own. This was not a fortuitous situation, as Teal'c was aware of each couple's wish for their relationship to remain hidden. As it was, neither pair was aware of even *his* knowledge of their respective affairs.

Teal'c glanced back and forth between the two parties approaching him, each oblivious to the other's presence, and swung into action.

"Fine, Jack. Whatever you say. But if you think for one minute that I- "

"O'Neill. Daniel Jackson. I am pleased to see you will be leaving the base. It has been far too long," Teal'c said, walking up to the surprised men. O'Neill and Daniel Jackson paused and looked at each other, then opened their mouths to speak simultaneously.

"My... uh... building's being fumigated."

"We're going to visit my parents."

They looked at each other again, mouths gaping. Teal'c suppressed a smile. "I see," he answered. "I believe the elevator has just arrived at this level, in fact," he continued, and began to hurry his friends through the hall.

"Uh, Teal'c... much as we appreciate the escort, I think we can find the way," protested O'Neill. Teal'c pressed the button to open the elevator doors and herded his friends into the small car.

"Enjoy your vacation," he said, with a small bow of his head.

"Um... thanks... Teal'c," Daniel Jackson said as the doors drifted closed.

"Teal'c! Hey! Hold that... door," Major Carter shouted, running toward him. "Never mind," she sighed when she noticed that she was too late and came to a stop as Doctor Fraiser jogged to catch up.

"I apologize, Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser. I did not hear you."

"That's okay, Teal'c. We'll just catch the next one," Doctor Fraiser said, smiling as she walked over to press the 'up' arrow between the two elevator doors. The three people stood there waiting in an uncomfortable silence.

"So..." said Major Carter. Teal'c drew his hands behind his back and turned toward her. "What are you doing for the next three days, Teal'c?"

"As soon as I receive General Hammond's permission, I will be traveling to the Land of Light to visit my wife and son."

"Oh, how are they doing, Teal'c?" Doctor Fraiser asked.

"The last time I-"

"Janet! Elevator!" Major Carter interjected, grabbing the Doctor's arm and dragging her into the car. As an afterthought, she peered through the closing doors. "Have fun, Teal'c! See you in three days!"

Teal'c shook his head and began making his way, once again, down the corridor to his room.

"Uh... Teal'c?" Sergeant Siler did a double take as he passed Teal'c walking in the opposite direction. "I'm sorry, but are you... smiling?"

"Indeed I am, Sergeant Siler. I am simply looking forward to my downtime," Teal'c replied, dismissing the puzzled sergeant with a nod of his head. Under his breath and with a knowing smile, he added, "And it would appear, I am not the only one."

* * * *

"It appears that I am not the only one in Colorado Springs wanting to go away on vacation." Jack hit the steering wheel in frustration. The traffic was horrible and the weather had turned cooler overnight, with a slight drizzle adding to the congestion.

Daniel leaned forward, popped a CD into the player, adjusted the volume and leaned back to enjoy the music. He turned to Jack. "I bet you're the only one with an archeologist in their front seat, whom they are kidnapping to places unknown." Daniel yawned, covering his mouth with one hand. "Sorry."

Jack was pretty good at reading his Daniel signals, and if Daniel had barely slept for ten days then the odds were he hadn't really eaten either. Jack spotted a fast food restaurant at the corner, and maneuvered the truck through the drive-in window.

A few minutes later, Jack deposited bag of warm food on Daniel's lap.

"Coffee?" Daniel questioned immediately.

"I want you awake to enjoy this downtime...not wired from the start on caffeine."

"Soda has caffeine."

"That's why I got you a shake..." Jack handed him the container.

Jack pulled into a spot and the two sat in the truck eating. Daniel plied him for information as to where they were going but Jack steadfastly refused to answer. Daniel hazarded a few wild guesses, hoping to trick Jack into giving something away in his reaction, but Jack's poker face was impressively neutral.

"Do the girls know?" Daniel asked finally.

"No one knows. Stop that, Daniel." The sight of Daniel licking the salt off his individual fingers from the french fries was starting to kick Jack's hormones into overdrive.

"What?" Daniel asked, totally clueless, following Jack's line of vision. Daniel looked from his hand to Jack. "Oh...OH!" Daniel replied, using his tongue to wipe the salt from around his mouth.

"Shit, use a napkin, Daniel." Jack swore there were times Daniel was oblivious to the saying "for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction." In retribution, he grabbed the bag with the rest of the food, and handed Daniel the shake. "You're done! Just finish the shake."

Jack groaned, as his slut of an archeologist, began to go down on the straw to the shake. Jack grabbed it from him, put the shake in the cup holder, then snatched up a blanket from the back seat. "Go to sleep, Daniel, that's an order. We're both much safer that way."

Daniel put his seat back willingly and covered himself with the blanket. "Tired," he murmured.

Jack started the truck and pulled out into the traffic, which was now moving along at a rapid pace. They would make good time and would be at their destination before nightfall.

"Are we there yet?"

"Thought you were sleeping?"

"I am...are we there yet?"

"No Daniel. We're only five miles out of town."

"Just checking."

Daniel slept for the remainder of the trip, awakening a few minutes before arrival at their destination.

Jack gave Daniel a few minutes of recovery time. Waking up was never Daniel's forte; Jack knew from experience not to make any attempt at conversation.

Daniel stepped down from the truck, his face unreadable. Jack had booked a suite at a 19th century hotel, nestled in the mountains of Colorado, where the patrons were lavished upon, and discretion was the better part of valor. A valet met the truck and Jack took the luggage out for the man to carry to the front desk.

Daniel stepped back and began to assess the hotel with a professional eye, like the artifact it was. Jack retrieved the keys from the front desk; uneasy with the lack of emotion in Daniel's expression... there was nothing to read in his face or eyes.

Jack grabbed Daniel by the upper arm, trying to curb his enthusiasm in showing Daniel the amenities of the hotel. The dark bar, the billiard room, the quiet dining area. True 19th century style, original from the ceiling to the carpeting. Jack then proceeded to lead Daniel to the hushed room of the library. Mahogany paneling, floor to ceiling bookcases, crammed with magazines and books from bygone eras. Plush couches, chairs, lanterns... a fireplace. Daniel walked in, rotating 360 degrees, taking in all that made the room what it was; and walked out, leaving Jack standing alone with all the books, unsure whether to be angry or hurt. Jack caught up with Daniel and walked ahead of him up the winding staircase; thereby forcing Daniel to follow him to the room.

Jack wanted to give it one more try, to get to the bottom of Daniel's strange indifference and he swung the door open with a dramatic "Ta da!" There was a king sized four poster bed. The furniture and fixtures were all authentic, no reproductions. Jack knew the bathroom had the original claw tub, with the added convenience of a hot tub. The luggage had already arrived and sat in the corner, waiting for them.

Daniel did not face Jack, but walked past him and stood looking through the french doors at the majestic mountain scenery. This was not the response that Jack had been hoping for...not three days of this silent, unemotional Daniel. Jack closed his eyes when he saw Daniel's shoulders begin to shake...what did he do that Daniel would start to...laugh? Daniel was laughing?

Daniel turned, his face alight with a smile. Every part of Daniel seemed to be smiling and he was indeed laughing. "Jack ...are you trying to seduce me? You rent this room in this beautiful think I'm easy? "

"Believe me, Daniel, you are never easy," Jack muttered darkly, but Daniel wasn't finished.

"That you can have your way with me on this four poster ...king sized four poster bed?" Daniel curled up on the bed, smoothing the empty blanket next to him as an indication that Jack should join him. Jack lay down against the cool quilt and Daniel moved up close enough to whisper in Jack's ear.

"Goddamn it, Daniel, I'm in my 40s I don't think it would be feasibly possible to...." He stopped in contemplation as Daniel continued with breathy messages into his ear. "My knees wouldn't take..." Daniel began to slowly kiss Jack's exposed neck. "Okay Daniel, we could try, " Jack acquiesced. 'Oh god', he prayed inwardly. 'I hope these walls are soundproof."

* * * *

"I hope these walls are soundproof, otherwise, we might be getting some weird looks from the neighbors," said Sam, as she pulled her sweater over her head. Janet giggled.

"If we get any weird looks from anyone, it'll just be because they're jealous."

"Of me or you?" Sam asked with a mischievous grin, walking over to her lover and pulling her into a warm hug.

"You, of course. Are you kidding? I'm gorgeous," Janet replied with a smirk.

"Yes, you are. And so modest, too." Sam smiled and the two women left their lavish room, stepping into a dramatic, window-lined hall.

Their accommodations were beautiful. They'd spent weeks trying to agree on just the right place to go, until a brochure for this gorgeous old chateau caught their eye. It was far enough away from home that they didn't have to worry about being spotted, but close enough to drive in a few hours. They'd arrived at sunset the previous evening, and had spent the next several hours 'working out the kinks' from their tiring drive. Needless to say, they were definitely ready for a large breakfast.

"This place is so cool!" sighed Janet from Sam's arm, echoing one of Cassie's favorite phrases. Sam smiled and nodded as she gazed over the rail of the grand staircase and down into the foyer. Sam grasped Janet's hand and moved even closer to her, relishing the opportunity. It felt so good to be conspicuous. Janet smiled and nuzzled up against her as they tramped down the stairs.

"Smell that?" said Sam.

"Uh-huh. Pancakes."

"And waffles."

"Bet there's an omelet bar, too."

"Lox and bagels."

"You do realize that one of us needs to learn how to cook," grinned Janet. Sam rolled her eyes.

Sure enough, the formal dining room was awash with marvelous food, waiters and chefs catering to one's every culinary whim. Sam's attention was drawn to the waffle bar as the ladies found a table. "You think if we asked nicely, they'd give us a can of that whipped cream to use later?"

Janet threw her a look and slugged Sam playfully on the arm, but was inwardly piqued by the suggestion. She made a mental note of the idea and sat down, a far away look in her eyes.

It was still early morning and the dining room was all but vacant. Several windows were open, letting in a cool wafting early-autumn breeze, carrying the crisp smell of the mountain air.

"So... what should we do today?" asked Janet, leaning in over the table as their waiter filled their coffee cups.

"Well... how 'bout we just relax? I mean, there're no phones, no radios, no TV's... It's a beautiful day. We're in a beautiful place," replied Sam, who was definitely beginning to enjoy herself.

Sam and Janet ate in relative silence, simply reveling in their romantic freedom. There was no one here that they knew, no one that would report back to General Hammond, or anyone else for that matter, and no one they would ever see again. When they were sufficiently stuffed, they grabbed their coats and went outside for a walk.

What they didn't notice, as they made their way out of the dining room and through the front door, were two people that they did know and would see again coming down the grand staircase and looking quite pleased with themselves.

* * * *

"Well you're looking quite pleased with yourself, oh Colonel of mine."

Jack halted at the bottom of the grand staircase, and turned to Daniel, who was hovering two steps above him. "Daniel, I'm over 40 and, as Fraiser has been so quick to point out to me on various occasions, I'm one injury away from a desk job, so to do what I did last night,,, yeah I'm pleased. Hell, I would even go so far as to say...I'm proud." Jack realized he was looking up at Daniel, and pulled him down next to him.

"Don't like me to be bigger than you, Jack?" Daniel opened his mouth to say more, stopping. He began to sniff the air like a dog.

"Daniel," Jack hissed. "What the hell are you doing?" Jack glanced furtively around, embarrassment evident on his features.

"Oh God, Jack. Smell the coffee, and I smell..." Daniel sniffed again. "Waffles ...fresh waffles, pancakes..."

Jack grabbed his elbow and rushed Daniel into the dining room before the archeologist started drooling on the carpeting.

After countless cups of coffee and plates of waffles and pancakes smothered in maple syrup, Jack watched in amusement as Daniel leaned back in the chair groaning. "Shit, I couldn't eat another bite."

Jack threw his napkin on the table. "I should've videotaped that Daniel, no one at the base would ever believe that you could consume that much food in one sitting."

"It was're good. Thank you," Daniel replied shyly. Jack took Daniel's hand in his. Daniel withdrew it with a panicked expression on his face.

"It's okay, Daniel. Here, it's okay."

Daniel wrinkled his brow in confusion. "Why?"

"Why is it okay here? Or why do I want to hold your hand? Or why do I want to take you upstairs right now and give a repeat performance of last night?"

Daniel rewarded Jack with a brilliant smile. "Umm...I was kinda hoping for an answer to the first question."

Jack sighed. "Suffice it to say, Daniel, it is. It's like a very expensive 'don't ask, don't tell motel'."

"I can touch you in public here? Why?"

Jack sighed in exasperation. "Daniel...put your degrees away, stopping asking. And as hard as this is...accept this at face value."

"I can do this to you..." Daniel took Jack's hand in both of his. "And I can do..."

Jack knew where this was going and jumped up before Daniel could go further with this. "Let's go for a walk so you can work off your breakfast."

"I'd rather go upstairs and work off those pancakes, and coffee and waffles..."

"I was thinking of taking you outside in the sunshine and letting you go exploring the maze."

"Maze, they have a maze?"

The hedges to the maze were enormous, over 8 feet high. Daniel went into lecture mode and began explaining to Jack the ramifications of the use of mazes in society.

Eventually, Jack just grabbed Daniel and kissed him passionately, shutting him up. Daniel responded in kind and moaned into Jack's open mouth. 'Dammit, Daniel is like one of those race cars that could go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat' Jack thought.

"Let's go back to the room, Jack. I want to go back...please," Daniel murmured, as Jack placed kisses down his neck.

"Daniel, we are in a maze..."

"I don't care, would be nice...soft ground..." Jack was just about to protest moist grass and bad knees...when he paused, head tilted. Jack placed his hand over Daniel's mouth, holding his pointer finger against pursed lips. "Shhhhh...listen. Is that who I think that is?"

* * * *

"Shhhhh... listen. Is that who I think it is?" Sam asked in a whisper, breaking off a very passionate kiss.

"What?" replied Janet in the same hushed tone, more than a little annoyed by her lover's distraction.

"I... uh... I thought I heard something." The two women remained still and silent for a moment.

"Sam... this is ridiculous..."Janet trailed off. "No, wait... I think I hear it too... almost sounds like..."

"But it couldn't possibly be... I mean.. no way..." Sam finished, giving Janet a worried look. "But it did sound remarkably like..."

"Daniel," Janet nodded. "And the Colonel. But that's impossible. We're just imagining it..."

"Hallucinating. Right. Sure..." Sam tried to convince herself, but she had a sinking feeling that something was wrong. "Somebody must have spiked the whipped cream..." Sam said under her breath. She pulled away from Janet slowly, looking around the immediate area... not that there was much to see other than eight-foot high shrubs.

"Sam... come on..." Janet protested, when Sam started to go into 'stealth mode.' "We're on *vacation*."

"I have to know, Janet..." Sam replied with a sideways grin. She moved back over to the stone bench they had been sitting on and stepped onto it, slowly bringing her head up to look over the hedge wall.

She was *sure* she'd heard voices coming from just behind them, but when her eyes finally crested the leaves, all she saw was more leaves, stretching out over a good acre, beautifully pruned and forming natural corridors, dead ends, and... way off in the distance... an exit.

Sam sighed and jumped off the bench, facing Janet. The doctor's arms were folded across her chest and a frown spread across her face. Sam grimaced. Janet never made a secret of her irritation. "Did you see anything?" Janet asked. Sam shook her head.

"Nope. Nothing but the maze. On the plus side, though, I did find the exit."

"The exit." Janet replied, her tone dark. Sam immediately felt like she'd said something wrong.

"Yeah..." Sam replied tentatively.

"You want to leave?" Janet asked. There it was. The little alarm in Sam's head started going off. Sam smiled sweetly and reached out for Janet.

"No, of course not. Just for future reference. As I remember, we were in the middle of something," Sam cooed, pulling Janet into her and dropping feather light kisses in a trail on her neck.

Janet, still irritated by the earlier interruption, resisted at first, giving weak attempts at pulling away. But Sam knew her too well, and held onto her tight, making all the right moves.

"Janet," Sam whispered, her lips a mere inch from her ear. Sam's breath and the slight vibrations of her voice gave Janet goose bumps and sent a shiver all through her body.

"Ooh..." Janet breathed, her body finally abandoning its rigidity. Sam smiled to herself, reveling in her little victory, and pulled Janet down onto the soft grass blanketing the ground.

"What do you say we start working off breakfast?" Sam asked with a twinkle in her eye. Janet gave in and smiled expectantly.

"I thought you'd never ask," she sang, and pulled Sam's face toward her own. "Just promise me one thing," Janet whispered, just before their lips came into contact.

"What's that?" Sam whispered, eyes closed and lips parting.

"Save a little energy for tonight," Janet said with a grin. Sam opened her eyes and moved back enough to see the other woman's face.

"Why? What happens tonight?" Sam asked innocently, cocking her head to the side.

"Oh, you'll see," Janet replied, pulling her sweater over her head. "You'll see."

* * * *

"You'll see, Daniel, " Jack said dragging Daniel away from the maze. "That couldn't have been the Doc and Carter."

"I'm telling you, Jack. It was...come on...I'm gonna prove it."

Jack had no choice but to follow Daniel on this wild goose chase...'It's not possible,' Jack thought to himself. Because if it was, he wasn't too sure if he was more concerned about the fact that his 2IC would be caught in a compromising position, one that she looked to be enjoying very much, or that he and Daniel would lose their freedom on this long awaited vacation.

"See Jack, I was right. " Daniel replied as he pointed out Sam's Jaguar in the parking lot. "It was them," he whispered.

Jack placed his arm around Daniel's waist and pulled the younger man towards him . He could feel Daniel's hesitation in this outward display of emotion. "Aw, Daniel...for once in your life, I bet you wished you were wrong? Huh, buddy."

Daniel flashed Jack a sad smile. Jack knew this was an unexpected turn of events, with a million questions running through his mind. Knowing Daniel as he did, he knew thinking fast was the only solution before Daniel became mired in the Carter and the Doctor situation.

Daniel kept looking furtively over his shoulder as they made their way back to their room. "Jack, what if they see us?"

"Daniel, it will make it awkward...but they aren't going to tell Hammond or Teal'c."

Daniel stepped into the room, turning to face Jack as he answered, "Teal'c knows."

"Teal'c does Teal'c know, Daniel? Am I gonna want to know the answer to this one? Hmmm."

Daniel shrugged his shoulders. "He asked, I told."

Jack tried to keep the anger from his voice. "Daniel, if Hammond asked, would you tell him, too?"

Daniel stared straight at Jack, clear eyes incapable of lying. "If I thought I needed to, I would." Daniel lifted his chin in defiance. "Why Jack? Ashamed?"

Jack knew this conversation was going to the dark side very fast; he needed to prevent that or Daniel would be knocking on Carter and Fraiser's door for a ride home and he would again be labeled "the bad one." He grabbed the front of Daniel's shirt and pulled him towards him. "Love you..." he said beginning to trace the structure of Daniel's neck with his tongue.

"Don't change the subject," Daniel moaned.

"I'm not...I'm showing you how I'm not ashamed of you...of us." His tongue turned to feather light kisses tracing the unbuttoning of Daniel's shirt down his chest. Daniel kicked Jack's legs out from underneath him and controlled his descent to the floor. He straddled him and began to undo Jack's belt "Nice move, Jackson," Jack growled, beginning to mirror Daniel's actions.

"Learned it from the best, Colonel."

"Come here and show me what else your Colonel taught you," Jack said, pulling Daniel on top of him."

* * * *

Jack stretched, his tight muscles relaxing against the feather bed and down comforter. Jack rolled over and squinted at the bedside clock. It was late and he smiled, a Cheshire cat smile. The remnants of last night's room service dinner were still on the table. Jack had never spent a whole day within four walls and enjoyed it as he had today. He sat up in bed, trying to comprehend what had awoken him. "Daniel?" Daniel's side of the bed was empty, the pillow and blanket cool to the touch. Jack checked the terrace and the bathroom, the sitting room off the bedroom, picking up his clothes and donning them as he walked through the room. "Where the hell..." Visions of Daniel knocking on the doors in the hotel ran through his mind. Daniel trying every door until he found the one with Carter and Fraiser behind some weird game show.

He quickly and quietly searched the floors in the hotel that housed the rooms with no sign of Daniel. He proceeded down the staircase to the ...."Library?" Jack thought. He mentally patted himself on the back as he stood in the doorway of the library and caught sight of Daniel. Softly, closing the door behind him, he walked into the room to better observe his archeologist. A lone light illuminated Daniel's figure stretched out on the couch. Just the embers of an untended fire burning in the grate created shadows across the room. Daniel had his knees drawn up, creating a shelf for a book, his face contorted in concentration, and Jack fell in love, all over again. He walked over and took the book from its place of honor. "Jack," Daniel whispered breathlessly, a hint of surprise evident in his voice. Daniel sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the couch. Hooking Jack closer, he pulled Jack towards him so Jack had to use the back of the couch for support to remain upright. . Jack could feel himself grow hard just by the sheer proximity of Daniel. "Come to bed, Daniel."

"I was thinking more of coming right here, Jack." Daniel said as leaned his head back to meet Jack's hungry lips. "If that's okay with you."

* * * *

"If it's okay with you, I think it's about time we headed up to bed..." Janet said with a giggle as she and Sam left the dining room after a late dinner.

"By all means," Sam replied, gesturing grandly toward the stairs. Janet was smiling wickedly and Sam noticed that she was hiding something behind her back. "Janet?" she questioned.

"Yes?" Janet replied innocently, as they began climbing the stairs. She shied away from Sam ever so slightly, trying to keep her little treasure hidden.

"What have you got behind your back?" Sam asked, lunging playfully for the other woman, who burst into giggles and started running up the stairs. Sam laughed and gave chase, tackling her lover half way up the flight. As they both collapsed to the steps, gasping and laughing, Sam finally got a glimpse of her quarry. "Where did you get that?" she asked, smiling suggestively.

"I asked nicely," Janet replied, obviously very pleased with herself. She smilingly produced a full can of whipped cream and showed it to Sam, waggling it around, tauntingly.

"You are just too much, you know that?" Sam said, pulling herself to her feet.

"Where are you going?" Janet asked as Sam began to make her way back down the stairs. Sam smiled.

"I'm thinking I'm not gonna want to leave that bed until... oh... late afternoon at the earliest," Sam replied. "Gonna go tell the concierge that we're going to need our breakfast brought to *us* tomorrow morning."

"Such a smart cookie," Janet grinned. "Don't be too long... I'm getting impatient."

Sam waved her hand dismissively as she reached the ground floor, smiling to herself, but not looking back up at Janet. Sam happened to be quite the fan of suspense. Janet could wait a few minutes.

As Sam made her way to the concierge desk, a cracked open door in the hall caught her eye, just as she heard what she thought were voices. Familiar voices... just like in the hedge maze that morning. She made a bee line for the door leading to the library, her previous chore forgotten. As she paused outside, she gasped in surprise. Either she was experiencing more audio hallucinations, or... well, she didn't really want to think of an 'or.'

Sam almost walked away. She probably should have, but she didn't. An insatiable morbid curiosity, coupled with a healthy dose of denial, drove her to creak open the door and peer inside.

Facing away from the door and toward the large picture window on the opposite wall, sat a large, high backed, red velvet sofa. And it was definitely occupied.

Sam scrunched her face up in puzzlement, venturing several cautious steps further into the room, trying to catch a glimpse of whoever was getting comfortable on that couch.

Then, without warning, a silver crowned head popped up into Sam's view. Sam gasped loudly, causing the head to snap around to face her, a wide grin suddenly turning to a look of sheer panic.

"Jesus, Carter!" the Colonel exclaimed, scrambling to disentangle himself from something or... someone. In his haste, he ended up falling gracelessly to the floor with a resounding thud and a curse.

"Jack! What the..." came another voice from behind the sofa, followed by the appearance of a face. Daniel's glasses were skewed on his nose and half falling off his face. His jaw dropped as he adjusted his specs and saw who was standing a few feet away. "Uh... hi, Sam..." he stuttered, wincing as Sam planted her fists on her hips and tilted her head.

"Daniel," she said accusingly, voice low and eyes wide.

"See, Jack. Told you so," said Daniel, as the Colonel stood and brushed himself off. Sam shook her head in amazement.

"What?" she asked curtly. The Colonel's mouth gaped open and he threw a look at Daniel, who's facial expression mirrored his own.

"Sam! Come *on*... what's taking so... oh..." Behind Sam, Janet poked her head through the doorway, her forward momentum grinding to a halt as she took note of the room's occupants. Sam turned back toward her, silently asking her to enter.

"Colonel," she said, bowing her head slightly.

"Doctor," the Colonel replied, eyes boring into her like a drill.


"Janet," Daniel responded with a nod, stumbling off the couch and onto his feet.



The four peoples' eyes flitted suspiciously over one another, each trying to gauge the others' responses to their predicament. They just stood like that for several minutes, no one really sure what to do.

"Well... this is... awkward," Daniel finally said, his voice barely above a whisper. His eyes darted from Jack's face, to Janet, to Sam, and back to Jack, as he waited for somebody to respond.

"No kidding," sighed Janet, unconsciously moving closer to Sam in an attempt to escape the uncomfortable situation.

"So..." said O'Neill.

"So..." said Sam.

"Having a good vacation, then?" the Colonel asked the two women in the middle of the room, making an attempt to lighten the mood. Sam and Janet looked at each other.

"Oh, yeah. Sure," Sam replied, relaxing her stance. "You?"

O'Neill and Daniel glanced at each other, a slight smile touching Daniel's lips as he ducked his head, leaving Jack to answer. "Sure. Wonderful little spot we've found, isn't it? Very... uh..." Jack threw another look toward Daniel, who just shrugged. "Discrete," he finished triumphantly, hoping Carter would get the message without further embarrassing exchange. Sam's eyes widened.

"Yes... lovely. And... discrete. Yes. Very... discrete..." she replied, giving Janet a reassuring look. "We'll just... um... go, then. I suppose..." Sam said, trying to excuse herself and Janet as gracefully as possible.

"Uh... right. Um... goodnight, then. Janet, Sam..." Daniel stuttered, playing with his glasses on his nose.

"You too, Daniel, Colonel," Sam replied with a weak wave as she and Janet turned toward the door. They left the room, closing it slowly and quietly behind them. Once she was sure they were out of earshot, Sam opened her mouth.

"Well, that was..."

"Remarkably like walking in on your parents, or something?" Janet finished, wearing a sad smile. Sam nodded and suppressed a grin of her own.

"Yeah. I mean, talk about a mood killer."

* * * *

"So, Daniel Jackson, meeting up with people that you knew was a mood murderer?"

Daniel stood next to the Jaffa, breakfast tray in his hand, surveying the crowded morning commissary. He motioned to Teal'c with a nod of his head toward an empty table in the back of the room. The two teammates wound their way around the other tables, seating themselves at the empty one. Daniel placed his tray on the table and sat down, waiting until Teal'c mirrored his actions before he continued the conversation. "Killer, Teal'c. Not murderer... mood *killer*." Daniel grimaced at the taste of the coffee, momentarily thinking of fresh waffles and the fresh ground coffee less than 5 hours away in a wonderful hotel nestled in the... which led to thoughts of one Colonel... leading to thoughts of...

"Daniel Jackson, are you well?" Teal'c asked, concerned for his younger friend.

With a deep sigh, Daniel answered. "Fine Teal'c... I'll be fine."

"Your downtime with Colonel O'Neill was... productive?"

Daniel smiled at the memory. "It was productive, Teal'c. It was...."

"What was productive, guys?" Jack asked, as he joined Teal'c and Daniel at the table.

"Your downtime, O'Neill. I was inquiring if the downtime that you spent with Daniel Jackson was productive."



"*Productive*, Daniel?"

"I'm going out on a limb here, Jack, but I'm thinking yes." Daniel flashed Jack a seductive look from under lowered lashes.

'For Christ's sake, Daniel. In the commissary?' Jack silently screamed at Daniel. Giving up, he answered with a sigh, "For want of a better word, productive would fit the bill nicely."

"Productive, sir? What was productive?"






"Doctor Fraiser..."

"Enough," Jack yelled, causing occupants of various other tables to turn their heads. "Stop with the Walton introduction and just sit."

Janet and Sam sat at the table and awkward smiles were exchanged all around. Each of the two couples began to fidget in their seats, playing with their food and avoiding eye contact with each other.

Clearing her throat, Carter finally reiterated, "What was productive, sir?"

Jack's head shot up, meeting Carter's glance with a stunned expression on his face. "Umm..."

"I was inquiring if Daniel Jackson's and O'Neill's downtime was pro..." A look that was between a grimace and puzzlement appeared on Teal'c's face. "May I ask who felt the need to injure my calf?"


"Sorry, Teal'c... spasm thing in my leg. Gotta have the doc take a look at it."

"Gladly, Colonel. After breakfast, if you would like."

"Pancakes," Daniel interjected, attempting to turn the conversation away from his lover. "I could go for..."

"Fresh waffles."

"Whipped cream."

"Whipped cream?" the Colonel questioned.

"Personal preference, sir."

Janet snorted in response.

Looking at his watch, Jack commented, "You know folks, we still are on our downtime for another 90 minutes... do you think..."

"I'm thinking the Good Egg, sir."

"I'll drive. Teal'c, would you like to..."

"No... that is quite alright O'Neill..."

Daniel pushed his chair away from the table. "The Good Egg is not as good as..." He looked at Jack and shrugged his shoulders.

"I know, Daniel," Sam answered. "Those were the best, but maybe they'll give us some whipped cream for our waffles." She looked at the Colonel as they made their way out of the commissary.

"I know, Carter. Personal preference."

"You should try it, sir. It's an interesting choice."

Jack smiled at the visual. "May have to take that recommendation... Doc, this spasm thing in my leg... is really bothering me. Do you think that maybe there's a possibility you can manage some medical downtime for me?"

"That's a possibility Colonel... more downtime. We'll have to think about that."  

The End!

Authors' Comments:Alpha Gate FNF #12 Downtime. Many thanks to Aloysius for the beta and comments (and the great turn around time).


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