Assessing the Situation by devra

One thing Jack has always drilled into my brain..."Assess the situation." Okay, that *is* what I've been trying to do since I regained consciousness.

First order of did I get here? Absolutely no idea. None at all. Off the top of my head, the last thing I remember was...ummm...stepping through the Stargate. What I've done countless times before, so this is not exactly a helpful piece of information.

I know I'm alone...I've tried calling for my team and I learned that the area I'm being held has wonderful acoustics but is void of teammates. I head... I'm finding it hard to think straight. It hurts to move. I actually tried to sit up before, but I'm leaning towards the fact that maybe I passed out. There seems to be a tremendous amount of blank spots in my memory. My body feels like it is one big giant ribs ...hurts to move, to breathe. My arms and legs feel leaden, heavy, a struggle to make any movement. I'm totally where was I? Oh yeah...assessing the situation.

It's cold. I'm cold, frigid to the point that my teeth are chattering, which is doing nothing to help with the pounding in my head. I've been stripped of my BDU's and am clothed only in boxers and tee shirt. The cold of the floor is seeping into me, and I would like nothing better than to sleep. But I can't...I don't really remember why I can't, I just know I shouldn't be ...I shouldn't be sleeping.

Okay...what have I assessed so far? I'm alone, I hurt...a visit to Janet in my future, a nice warm infirmary bed, I'll even...Whoa...concussion time here. Seem to have a little problem staying focused. Alone, hurt,'s really dark here. No window...but rain. Raining outside. Dry and cold where I am being kept...but not wet.

Thirsty...could go for a nice cold glass of water. Water outside, not here...Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink...water, water everywhere and all the...Okay not a good I am quoting...shit, can't even remember who I am quoting, just that I should be assessing the situation and not assessing English Literature.

Nauseated. The taste in my mouth seems to indicate that I've already said goodbye to whatever my last meal was. Dizzy, even lying on the floor, not moving, it feels like the floor is undulating. Waves on the ocean... roller coaster rides...swallow...deep breaths...deep breaths. Need to place stomach back where it belongs.

The space I am in...confining. Every time I try to straighten out or extend a leg or an arm...I hit a wall? It seems to be getting colder in here, the steady rain just reminding me of how thirsty I am...and the only thing I learned from assessing my situation is that it seems pretty damn hopeless.


"Jack? Help me." Just those few words intensify the pounding in my head.

"Jeez, Daniel. How in the..."

Shoot the door Jack, kick it in....just get me out of this hellhole. "Please hurry," I plead. Well it must be the pleading edge in my voice that did it, because the next sound I hear is the breaking and splintering of wood.

"Daniel, I can't get to you...I'm gonna have to move you to a sitting position to check you over."

"Assess me?"

I hear Jack sigh..."Yes, Daniel assess you."

He gently lifts me into a sitting position, the cold hard wall bracing my back. I fight to hold back a groan, not really succeeding. He smoothes my hair, placing a feather light kiss on my forehead. "Ah Danny, you're bleeding. When I left you..."

I pat his knee..."Jack, you never leave anyone behind."

"Daniel, I'm sensing a little confusion here."

"I'm thinking concussion."

"That's my PhD...Cover your eyes...I'm gonna turn on the lights."

Turn on the lights...What is he talking about..."Shit." Pounding in eyes...bad. Even when I snap my eyes shut, pulsing pain. I open the lids slowly, to find Jack kneeling in front of me.

He presses a cool cloth to my head. "Ow...that hurts." I squirm to remove myself from the offensive object.

"Daniel...stop now!" Jack commands. Loudly, loud enough that I grimace in pain. The coldness of the cloth starts my teeth chattering anew. In a subdued tone of voice Jack gets my attention. "Daniel, hold on, I'll be right back." He takes my hand and presses it against the cloth. "Keep it there, okay?"

Jack returns in seconds, and drapes a blanket over my shaking body for warmth. I eye the blanket out of curiosity, 'cause it looks vaguely familiar. Jack takes the cloth from my head. My arm, grateful for its released burden, joins its mate under the blanket.

" you have..."

"Hold on a minute..." He steps over me and suddenly the room is filled with blessed silence. The running water has stopped and I heave a sigh of relief at the stillness. The pounding in my head has decreased a notch. I jump as Jack calls my name and a glass of water appears before me.

Jack holds my hands around the container and helps me to bring the cool liquid to my lips. "What do you remember, Daniel?"

I close my eyes in concentration...and I get nothing...just the feeling that the water may return from whence it came. "Give me a hint?"

" Anything?"


"That's right..."

"Flooring gave way..."

"Come on, Daniel...and."

"Can I go to sleep, Jack?"

With infinite patience, Jack explains "No...not until Fraiser takes a look at you."


"Naw...I got the good Doc to pay a house call."

I'm glad because I really don't relish the thought of getting dressed and going to the mountain. All I want to do is sleep...I yawn and then, "Infirmary...wait didn't I just come from there? Didn't I ...I fell down...when the flooring collapsed ...and...and... Teal'c okay, Jack?" I can see my hands attempt to make a grab for Jack's jacket and fall short. Ummm, guess my perception is a little off.

"Yes, broke his fall."


" right Daniel."

I think for a few minutes...snatches of my being in the infirmary floating in and out...nothing concrete. "Jack I don't really remember anything except waking up on the floor here."

"Let me help, Daniel...cause Fraiser is gonna have my head over this. I brought you home from the infirmary...with the promise I was going to keep an eye on you. Gave you two pain pills and put you to bed. Figured you were out for the count. You were snoring away...went to go buy some food. Honest...I wasn't gone more than ...."

"A few minutes...I got up and didn't feel great...think...nope, know I threw up. Wanted to take a shower..."

"A shower? Why?" Jack's voice increased in volume, angry at my stupidity.

"Don't yell...please."

He leans over and kisses my cheek. "Sorry..."

"I don't know...I wanted to shower, the pain in my ribs...I took two more thing I know I'm assessing being held captive in my bathroom."

Jack puts his arms around me. "Can I go to sleep now?" I ask as I nuzzle under his chin.

"No, you can't sleep...and Daniel, why were the lights off?"

"Light hurt my eyes."

He tightens his hold around me and I rest my head on his shoulder. I can feel myself start to eyelids feel so very heavy..."Hey, Daniel wake up."

I jerk awake, only catching the tail end to Jack's question...."lock the bathroom door and..."

"Not now, Jack...I'm really not in the mood...headache. And I think you broke it, can't lock it now."

"Sorry about that, but Daniel...I was asking 'why did you lock the bathroom door and then turn out the lights'?"

"Oh..." The remainder of my thoughts are interrupted by the ringing doorbell.

"Fraiser." Jack groans as he ascends off protesting knees.

* * * *

So here I lie hours later, again assessing the situation. And I come up slightly concussed archeologist, sporting a few stitches that accompany his bumps and bruises. One civilian being reprimanded by the doctor regarding the evils of pain pills taken too close together. Soft bed, soft pillow, warm blanket ...One snoring colonel, spooned tightly up against me... who received an even greater scolding and finger pointing from said doctor concerning the evils of leaving drugged archeologists by their lonesome. Total assessment...taking in the big picture, despite my injuries, and Janet's anger...considering whom I'm in bed with, whose arms are holding assessment...priceless.


The End!

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