Aim to Please by devra and MajelB

I open my laptop... my hidden prize from Daniel. Not being used for research or downloading or playing games... well maybe playing games, but not of the ‘kill the alien variety’. Frankly, and this surprises Daniel, I’m a Solitaire kinda guy. 

I follow the steps that Daniel showed me... First, hit the little walking guy… I look around the screen for a minute, chewing my lips in concentration as I wait impatiently for all the various screen to pop up... first one, then another... and I stalwartly continue, following Daniel's directions to the "t".

I wonder what AIM stands for… And then… mission accomplished.

* * * * * *

wileykyot: hello daniel

wileykyot: put down the coffee and typeto me....shit...hate these keyboards

rkeyolochest oh... slurp... jack. how are you this lovely evening?

wileykyot: woundlaj damn.....wouldn't the telephone be easier, daniel.

wileykyot: can i type dirty to you...

wileykyot: put down the book and pay attention to me...

rkeyolochest ah, but this is more fun, jack... yeah... type dirty to me... ;-) ooh, aren't these emoticons fun?

wileykyot: do they have one that looks like a penis

wileykyot: ?

rkeyolochest i'm sure if you *play around* for a little while, you could *cum* *up* with something pretty close...

wileykyot: why can't you cum....ooops....hate this typewriter...come over here and play

rkeyolochest see... this is why typing is so much better than the phone, jack... all the innuendo is *sooo* clear... <beg>

wileykyot: what the belal shit daniel...what the hell is beg? i mean i know what i would like it to mean/

wileykyot: i hate laptop keyboards daniel...i want a reagular one like the one in the office

rkeyolochest big evil grin, jack. big *evil* grin...

wileykyot: whatcha wearing?

rkeyolochest umm...

rkeyolochest socks...

wileykyot: do not...DO NOT tell me nothing

wileykyot: except socks

wileykyot: aren't you cold....

rkeyolochest well... what do you want? a thesis on my state of *undress*? <G>

wileykyot: don't you need someone to warm you

wileykyot: up!

rkeyolochest oh, i'm up, jack... i'm very *up*... always for you...

wileykyot: can i come over and play????

wileykyot: with you ?

wileykyot: with it?

rkeyolochest no! I'm *working*... and we have to work *tomorrow*... we have to play by the rules, jack...

wileykyot: i can't type only using one hand though

rkeyolochest oh, that's just filthy... ;-O

wileykyot: nice open mouth on your yellow guy daniel

rkeyolochest what the mere *Thought* of me doesn't do it for you? :-)

rkeyolochest I do try...

wileykyot: always...just wanna touch

wileykyot: warm

wileykyot: body

wileykyot: hot

wileykyot: body

rkeyolochest how warm... how warm jack... *where* are you warm...

wileykyot: daniel ...i'm on my way over to show you where and how warm

rkeyolochest oh, no you don't... you made the rules... you gotta stick to em. no fun on sunday nights.

rkeyolochest but i'm sure we can have fun in *other* ways... you never told me what you're wearing jack...

wileykyot: don't wanna play

wileykyot: my bathrobe

rkeyolochest jack, are you *pouting*?

wileykyot: and socks

wileykyot: can i come over if i am pouting

wileykyot: what the fuck are those *

rkeyolochest that big, thick, steamy-warm bathrobe? arent' you a little *hot* in that thing? maybe you should take it off...

rkeyolochest jeez... I swear to god, you are so clueless... they're meant for *emphasis*... now quit spoiling the mood and get to the bathrobe...

wileykyot: why aren't we talking on the i can do...talking dirty on computelkja is hard..i keep misspellling things

rkeyolochest do you really think i care about your poor spelling and grammar?

wileykyot: my hands are good for touching...not typeing

wileykyot: did i say my grammar was my grammar bad?

rkeyolochest no... christ, i never... aw, shit... what are you gonna go all girlie on me now and start twisting my words?

wileykyot: girlie....girlie...come over here and sayd tha tto my face

wileykyot: shit...ow look what you got me so angry i'm typinal shit daniel

rkeyolochest aw, fuck it... where the hell are my pants...

rkeyolochest i'm coming over. make sure that damn bathrobe is *off* when I get there...

wileykyot: dont you get all pissy on me now

wileykyot: make me take it off!

rkeyolochest not pissy... just a little *frustrated*... god, I want you right now... why do you have to go and do this to me?

wileykyot: did i tell you i am wearing NOTHING****** under the robe....

wileykyot: find your pants yet?

rkeyolochest well, it was kind of implied... how the hell am i supposed to look for my pants while my hands are otherwise occupied.

wileykyot: thinking of you of my body are thinking *very hard* about you!

wileykyot: what the helll are your hands doing!!!!

wileykyot: put them where i can see them

rkeyolochest get your mind out of the gutter

rkeyolochest although... i am starting to see your points in favor of using the phone...

rkeyolochest oh, jack...

wileykyot:'s the heavy breathing that gets you isn't it

rkeyolochest I'm smacking my lips... they're all glossy and moist and soft...

wileykyot: *banging head against laptop screen* pleeeeeeeeeaaassseeeeeee

wileykyot: carressing laptop screen

rkeyolochest i'm breathing hard and my chest is bowing out and caving in... i'm imagining you rubbing your fingers into that little indentation at my sternum that you like so much...

wileykyot: maneuvering laptop onto my this the closest you are going to get to me tonight daniel!!!!!!

rkeyolochest my hair is all messy... my glasses are off... I just showered, so my hair is still damp... and it smells great... ooooohhhhh

wileykyot: am i your cammander

wileykyot: commander

rkeyolochest I'm gently, slowly, erotically sipping from a cup of hot, steaming coffee with ammaretto and bailey's... i taste like it, jack...

rkeyolochest jack. *jack*. jaaaaaaccccccc-kkkk

wileykyot: turning off aim NOW ...which stands for ain't in me!!!!!!

rkeyolochest the only reason you should be turning that goddamn computer off is to get into your car and drive over here... clothing for the ride is optional

rkeyolochest clothing when you get here is forbidden

wileykyot: turning it off...stay right where you are...hold those thoughts...but not yourself...don't start without typing wiht one hand as i am putting on my pants UNDER my robe..commando... not shirt....

rkeyolochest mmmmmm, jack... hurry. i'll be waiting...

I don’t even bother to turn off the computer.


The End!

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