Dream of Flying by devra

2:15 am the red illumination on the alarm clock read and no Daniel. Jack was just about to get up and retrieve the errant archeologist when he saw the bathroom door open. The light from the bathroom illuminating Daniel's exhausted stature as he stumbled to the bed. Daniel looked at the time on the clock, groaning.


"Please, Jack. Not now. I just want to sleep for a few hours before..."

Jack sat up in bed looking down at Daniel. "Before what, Daniel...before you get up and do it all over again. You are ready to drop from exhaustion."

"What should I do, Jack? Tell me...half my department is out ill. Washington is breathing down Hammond's neck regarding the translations from PX8907 regarding the probability of a cache of weapons on that planet. Do you think, I want to use my translation skills for that? Shit, Jack I so do not want to get into this now."

"I know, sorry." Jack leaned over Daniel's prone body kissed him gently on the lips and removed his glasses. Daniel sighed in response, turned on his side and succumbed to sleep.

* * * *

"Shit...shit. That sonofabitch." Daniel scrambled out of the bed, the brightness of the light streaming into the bedroom indicative of the lateness of the morning. "He let me oversleep...dammit." Daniel stopped and checked "He fuckin' turned off the alarm." Showering in record time, he dressed and was now in the process of locating his keys and wallet. Daniel searched the usual spots...and then picked up the phone punching in the numbers to Jack's direct line.



"Top of the mornin' to you Dannyboy."

"Jack...where the hell are my keys."

"With me and before you ask...so is your wallet."

"So I'm a prisoner?" Daniel began to pace the kitchen, his ire towards his lover mounting. "Jeez Jack...The General is gonna be pissed."

"I've okayed it with Hammond, as a matter of fact, he if said he saw your face here within the next 24 hours, he was sending you straight to Fraiser's office."

"I'm gonna kill you, Jack."

"No you are not. You are going to go back to bed, and go to sleep. Thinking of me, thinking of you in that bed. Me wanting to do wonderful things to you in that bed."

"God, now I'm thinking cold shower before sleep."

Jack laughed, "Oh, and Daniel."

"Yes, Jack."

"Don't get the bright idea to work from home. Your laptop is sitting right next to your keys and wallet."

Daniel slammed the phone down and went into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. He screwed his eyes shut, grimacing in discomfort as he rubbed his forehead. Hoping the caffeine would work its wonders at removing the headache that was fast developing.

Daniel watched the coffee drip, the headache intensifying, now accompanied by nausea. The thought of coffee, started his stomach churning and Daniel barely made it to the bathroom in time to rid his stomach of last night's dinner.

* * * *

'Oh god,' Daniel thought as he cleaned the bathroom floor for the umpteenth time that morning. 'I probably caught what everyone else in my department has.' He got up on shaky legs and grabbed the clothes and sheets that bore the evidence of his illness. He didn't want Jack to come home and find them, start harping that Daniel had brought this on himself by working the hours he did. Daniel wanted to get rid of the evidence before Jack arrived home.

Leaning against the washer, Daniel began to shiver; he was cold and miserable. And sick. Definitely sick. All of his sweats were in the washer after they had a visit from one of yesterday's meals. 'Urgh.' Daniel's stomach still felt queasy, but there was nothing left to throw up.

Jack slept in the nude, so Daniel knew his options of finding any sleeping apparel in Jack's drawers were almost nonexistent. Daniel was hoping for sweats, something, anything...but 'woa, what's this?' In the back of one of Jack's drawers, buried, still wrapped in cellophane were...'jammies? Jack has flannel jammies...with little fighter jets?' Daniel ripped open the cellophane and slipped them on. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as the flannel warmed his feverish body.

Daniel looked at the bed, the sheets and blankets were in the washer and Daniel just wasn't up to remaking the bed. He grabbed his pillow, a blanket from the closet and made his way to the couch in the living room.

* * * *

Jack entered the darkened house. Turning on lights as he made his way to the kitchen to put down the pizza he had brought home for tonight's dinner.

"Daniel?" Jack entered the bedroom, noting the stripped bed and the smell of sickness that still hung in the air. He shook his head. It annoyed him at times, Daniel's independence and the ingrained fear of ever having anyone help.

Jack went down the stairs into the living room, knowing that is where Daniel would be. Hands on hips, shaking his head, he observed his slumbering archeologist. Daniel was fully wrapped in the blanket with only his face visible. Jack leaned over to feel what he knew would be an overheated body. Running his thumb gently down Daniel's cheek; his sick lover moved into the touch and opened his eyes.

Daniel squinted in Jack's general direction. "Hi, Jack."

"Something you wanna tell me Daniel?"

"Think I'm sick. Think you're gonna be sick too...sorry."

"Yup, think you're sick. Know, *I'm* gonna get sick. Think *you'll* be taking care of me when I'm sick."

"No," Daniel said closing his eyes again. "Sending you to Fraiser in the infirmary."

"What love." He kissed Daniel's forehead, leaving to retrieve the thermometer. After taking his temperature, Jack decided to hold off on aspirin until he reported to Fraiser, Daniel's temperature of 103 was a little too high for him to feel comfortable with.

The Doc never questioned why Jack was calling about a sick Daniel. Both he and Daniel suspected that Fraiser was aware of their relationship, but she made it quite clear that she was their friend first, then doctor then military. The "don't ask, don't tell" was her mantra when treating either one of them. Fraiser's calm voice assured Jack that Daniel had probably caught the virus the rest of his department had. Aspirin, tea and rest were her recommendations. She did warn him if the temperature did not drop dramatically by tomorrow afternoon or went up to bring him to the infirmary. He thanked her, grabbed the aspirin bottle and water and went to medicate Daniel.

He walked into the living room, surprised to see Daniel attempting to pull himself into an upright position on the couch.

"What are you wearing, Daniel?"

"Oh." Daniel looked down at the rumpled, flannel pajamas. Blushing or flushed with fever, Jack wasn't sure.

"Where did you get them?" Jack's anger beginning to surface.

"Your drawer. I'm sorry...I got sick on everyth..." Daniel began to stammer.

"You had to look pretty intensely to find them. Do you always go through my things when I'm not around, Daniel?"

Daniel was well aware he sick, but he couldn't imagine that a simple pair of flannel pajamas would make Jack angry. Jack threw the aspirin and water bottle on the table. "Take two Daniel, drink the water. I'm gonna make you some tea."

Daniel looked at the aspirin, water and Jack's departing back. He eased himself off the couch and onto shaky legs as he proceeded to climb the stairs to the bedroom.

* * * *

Jack brought the tea into the living room, placing the cup on the table with a bang when he noticed Daniel wasn't there. Knowing that he would find him in the bedroom, he climbed the stairs with a heavy heart.

"Put the phone down, Daniel."

"Can I have my wallet and keys back Jack? I need to call a cab to take me home."

Jack walked over and took the phone from Daniel, replacing it in the cradle. By the pallor of Daniel's face and his shaking hands, Jack knew how much energy Daniel had expended climbing the flight of stairs.

Daniel began to undo the buttons of the pajamas. Jack stood in front of Daniel, laying his hands atop Daniel's shaking ones. "You can't go home. You can't even open the buttons."

Daniel met Jack's glaze with fever bright eyes. "Can't stay here...I'll have the cab take me to the SGC."

Jack touched Daniel's cheek, sliding his hand to feel the material of the pajamas. Caressing it...caressing Daniel wearing the pajamas. "The pajamas were a gift from Charlie that Sara must have helped him buy. I didn't receive them until after he died...between Abydos and moving, the company he ordered them from had trouble tracking me down...they were forwarded to this address. With a note card from him ...Charlie had a pair just like these. I would tell him that when he wore them he would dream of flying. Mine were supposed to be a Father's Day gift... 'So I could dream of flying while I slept' the note said. 'So we could dream of flying together'." Jack began to close the buttons that Daniel managed to open. "Please don't go...I'm sorry."

Daniel was speechless. Jack very rarely, if ever, spoke of Charlie. "I'll take them off." He began to renew his attempt to unbutton the top.

"No, Daniel. I didn't mean those things I said. I was just shocked...shocked and surprised. At the memory and how it still hurts."

"I don't think Charlie wanted these pajamas to invoke bad memories, Jack. He bought them for you because he loved you. Memories can be good Jack. Some memories can get you through the hard times. Don't lock *everything* away."

"How did you get so smart?"

"I do on occasion, listen to a certain Colonel's words of wisdom."

Jack pulled Daniel into a tight embrace, feeling the heat radiating off his body, feeling the softness of the flannel in his hands. "Come on, there is tea and aspirin down stairs with your name on it."

* * * *

Jack ate pizza and watched TV in the living room while Daniel slept on the couch. He got up to adjusted Daniel's blanket, gauging his temperature with a hand to the forehead. He lovingly rubbed the exposed pajama-clad flannel forearm, Daniel opened his eyes in response. "Dreaming." He replied sleepily.

"Of flying?" Jack asked gently.

Daniel nodded his head, the effort of keeping his eyes open proving too much as they slowly closed." With you. Flying with you. I love you."

"I love you too, Daniel." 'and I love little boys who give wonderful gifts of flannel pajamas so people can dream of flying.'  

The End!

Author's Comments: Sweetness abounds, angst, sickness. This has not been beta'd...any mistakes are purely mine. Please forgive!


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