Ordinary People by devra

Jack yawned, slumping deeper into the couch cushions.

Daniel saw his yawn and raised the stakes by closing his eyes.

Jack watched. Waiting. And the second Daniel began to snore, Jack shook him. "Wake up."

"Not sleeping," Daniel drawled, without even opening his eyes.

"Were too."


"You were snoring and everything."



"Even drooling?"

"No, you weren't drooling—"

Keeping his eyes closed, Daniel turned his head sideways and raised his eyebrows at Jack. "Sans drool means no sleep."


"Not sleeping." He dropped his head on Jack's shoulder. "I'm resting my eyes."

"It's Saturday night."

Daniel exhaled. "I can't rest my eyes on a Saturday night?"

"It's nineteen thirty hours on a Saturday night." Jack explained, vigorously moving his shoulder up and down a few times.

Getting the hint, Daniel sat up and finally opened his eyes. "Okay, is there some significance as to why I'm not allowed to close my eyes, snore or sleep at nineteen thirty hours on a Saturday night? Some deep, dark military procedure, that even after all these years, I'm not aware of that prohibits sleeping…?"

"It's still daylight outside."

"And that explains what to me?"

For a genius, Daniel had a tendency to be a bit thick when it came to the obvious. "We're too young to be sitting home on a Saturday night, sleeping before the sun even goes down."

Daniel drew his hand over the length of his worn jeans, paper thin, tee-shirted body. "You want to get dressed and go out?"

Jack shrugged.

Daniel flipped open the top of the pizza box with his bare, big toe. "We already ate dinner."

"But we're sitting home on a Saturday night. It just seems so—"





"Can I let you in on a little secret, Jack?"

"Sure. Share away. If you're talking at least I know you're not sleeping."

Daniel's sigh morphed into a yawn. "Sorry," he said, covering his mouth. "I like boring, Jack. Ordinary. Sleeping before the sun goes down on a Saturday night with an empty pizza box in front of me, works fine. Sleeping with you sitting next to me on the couch works even better."

"We're not old enough to be boring."

Jack received a pair of quirked eyebrows in response.

"Well we aren't, Daniel."

"Why are you equating ordinary and boring with old?

Jack fiddled with the remote.

"You're not old, Jack. I'm not old." Daniel relieved Jack of the remote, muted the sound, then tossed it aside. "Three hundred twenty days out of the year we spend our time off world. Traipsing across the galaxy. Running for our lives. Saving livings. Saving Earth."

"What about the other forty five days?"

Daniel chuckled. "We spend those days in the infirmary recovering from said traipsing. But every now and then, we get a day like today. Boring. Ordinary."

Jack paused, thinking a moment before nodding. "Since you put it that way, yeah, I guess it does make sense." He stroked Daniel's thigh. "Anyone ever tell you that you've got a way with words?"

"Really?" Daniel placed his hand atop Jack's, staying his motions.

"Really," Jack answered firmly. "Now please pass me the remote, I want to *hear* what's going on as well as see the action."

"Action? I can show you some action."

"I thought you were tired."

"I never said I was tired. I said I was resting my eyes. *You* said I was sleeping." Daniel flipped the top of the pizza box again. "You know, we had dinner, but I don't recall dessert."

Jack smiled as Daniel's hand moved from his hand and over to cover Jack's groin. "You know, Daniel, I don't want an ordinary dessert like vanilla ice cream."

Slowly, Daniel began stroking Jack's dick through his sweats. "I have to admit, Jack, sometimes even vanilla ice cream hits the spot."

The End!

Author's Comments:

A day off from work. A horrific rain storm. And rather than spend the day cleaning closets, I thought I would spend it with Jack and Daniel. A flash in the pan ficlet that hasn't been truly beta'd. Any mistakes are all mine.




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