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Angst & Whump fics


Authors' notes: These fics are based between season one and mid-season two.
ta dahh? Charlie!

Cold Fear

by JoaG

Charlie lands himself in trouble. Originally published in Yum@'s zine "The Brotherhood"

3 June 2007

Thanks for the Memories

by devra

Alan reminds Charlie where memories are stored

14 October 2005

A Friendly Game

by devra

Charlie and Don become distracted on their way home Nominated for Best Series at the Numb3rs Awards

04 September 2005

Chicken Soup for the Mathematician's Soul

by devra

When the numbers on the board begin to blur, Charlie is positive he's sick. Nominated for Hurt/Comfort AND Best Drama at the Numb3rs Awards

26 July 2005

No Regrets

by devra

Don and Charlie have a little talk

23 July 2005

One Lucky Guy

by devra

The aftermath of Sniper Zero

23 June 2005

Dinner at the Eppes'

by devra

A peek into life at the Eppes' home Nominated for Best Humor/Fluff at the Numb3rs Awards

17 June 2005

Coping the Best You Can

by JoaG

Charlie tries to help out a student and ends up in hot water Nominated for Best Hurt/Comfort at the Numb3rs Awards

21 August 2005

What was Once Lost, the Heart Remembers

by JoaG

Charlie's at the wrong place at the wrong time

13 November 2005


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