ZeroGrav by JoaG

“Oh God, I’m gonna be sick,” I groan as the room spins sickeningly around me. No, make that me, spinning *in* the room. I close my eyes against Jack’s antics, seeing my lover doing somersaults in zero gravity is definitely not helping my stomach behave itself.

I feel a warm hand on my arm, steadying me for a moment, then pushing me back through the air and up against the cold wall.

“Don’t come close,” I warn Jack as I swallow down the threatening bile as my body bobs in place.

“Aint gonna make a difference, Daniel. You ralph here, it’s gonna go all over the place.”

“Oh shit,” I say when I realize that Jack is right. Zero gravity and liquids… I shudder when I think of the mess I could be producing in a few minutes.

“Here, hold onto this,” Jack says as he takes my hand and wraps my fingers around a piece of metal. I open my eyes to look and see that it’s part of the ceiling, which has now become our wall.

“How long before Sam gets the gravity back?” I whine. I don’t like the upside down sideways look, I definitely want to put my feet back on the ground and have them stay there without any effort on my part. The gravity has been off for probably no more than thirty minutes, but my nausea started nearly immediately and it now feels like its been forever.

“At least another hour,” Jack replies next to me. “Just relax, let the Dramamine I gave you a chance to work.”

“Well it’s taking its own sweet time,” I complain. I wrap my free arm and legs around Jack, and he steadies my movements. Now that my body isn’t bobbing around any longer, I feel a little more in control. Jack hooks his legs around mine, and his hand slowly rubs circles on my back, his mouth nuzzling my neck as I lean my head on his shoulder. I take a few deep breaths and my nausea begins to recede.

Jack feels good against me, and the sensation is both familiar and… odd. To be touching and lying against one another, but without feeling the heavy bodyweight of one’s partner. I raise my head and look at him, seeing his face inches from my own. I can’t help myself and I press forward for a kiss. Jack opens his mouth, welcoming me.

I feel Jack’s erection against my thigh and my body quickly forgets it wasn’t feeling that great a few moments ago. My own pants tighten uncomfortably as my cock wants to reach for his as willingly as my tongue is rubbing against Jack’s.

I forget where we are, that we’re floating in the midst of the control room in a Tok’ra ship with Sam, Teal’c and Jacob in the engine room, trying to fix the problem. My universe shrinks to just me and Jack, us, together, floating… in space.

I giggle at the thought. I’m floating, actually floating! I’m feeling good all of a sudden and I let go of my anchor, bend one leg behind me and push off gently. I feel the air against my skin as we bob towards the upper far wall. No, make that lower wall ‘cause now we’re spinning.

“Feeling better?” Jack asks as he pulls back for some air. I nod, grinning happily, enjoying the sensations.

Jack’s hands quickly unbutton my pants and pulls them down past my hips.

“Jack?” I say nervously, not sure if we should be doing this.

“This has always been a dream of mine,” he answers as he looks up and stares into my eyes. “Making love in zero gravity. Think of how many people down on Earth have dreamed of doing this… do you really think we should waste the opportunity?”

I grin and toe off my shoes and quickly pull off my socks, then my pants. They float all around me, turning end over end as momentum shoots them in various directions. Jack does the same and then hooks a leg around me so we don’t float off too far from one another. Our tee shirts and boxers quickly follow and soon we’re wrapped one around the other again, sensing nothing but air and skin between us.

Jack thrusts his cock tentatively against mine and I gasp at the sensation. I rub myself against him, using tiny movements… the feeling strange as I’m not working against gravity. We bump into the wall but I push us off distractedly; I’m enjoying the feel of only Jack’s touch and I grab his head and pull him back down for another kiss.

Our excitement grows, and I know I’m not going to last. I’m gasping, unable to hold back small moans of pleasure. The whole situation is erotic and knowing that the others could come back any second is strangely exciting. Jack stops suddenly and pulls back, twisting agilely. My back arches as he takes me in his mouth. His engorged cock is inches away from my face and I wrap a hand around his leg and lick him from root to tip before taking him into my mouth.

Jack pleasures me with tongue and hands until I have to let go his erection, afraid that I’ll bite him in my ecstasy. I feel myself coming and I hang onto Jack tightly as I orgasm into his mouth. I feel him swallow, and I lower my head into his groin, breathing hard as the sensations overpower me.

I feel the tremors course through me as I come back to myself. Remembering Jack, I move my head and take him into my mouth one more. It doesn’t take long and I hear him moan and call my name as he explodes into my mouth. Remembering what he said earlier about liquids and zero gravity, I willingly swallow everything he offers.

This time I make the move and twist so my face is even with his. Our legs hook together again, and we kiss languidly, both of us sated and happy.

After a few minutes I realize that we’re both buck naked and that if Sam finds the backup crystal to the gravity controls, we’ll both get caught in a very embarrassing position.

“Um, Jack… as much as I enjoyed this, don’t you think we should maybe get dressed in case Sam fixes the gravity?”

Jack smiles and grabs for his pants, hovering several inches above his head. He reaches in the pocket and removes a small purple crystalline rod. With an evil grin, he holds it out to me.

“We should still have a couple more minutes before Carter finds the back up for this thing,” Jack gloats.

“Oh, is that the…”

“Gravity control crystal.”

Feeling smug myself, I push off of Jack with one leg, aiming for my own pair of pants off in the far corner. I grab my pants as I overshoot and bump painfully into the wall. Pushing off again, this time with more care, I fiddle in the pockets and come up with an identical crystal.

As I grab onto Jack to stop my movement, I show him the crystal and say, “So I guess this would be the… backup?”  


Author's Comments: This fic was based on a sketch by Ximeria, issued as a challenge


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