by devra and JoaG



Orchestration of One by devra

Missing scene from "To the Lighthouse".

7 September 2009

Thunder Road by JoaG

My attempt at John's journey into the future after the show's final episode "Born to Run"

2 August 2009

One Door Closes, Another One Opens by JoaG

John goes through a trying time

23 April 2009

Six Degrees of Separation by devra

Bad days were relative

23 April 2009

Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance by devra

It had taken Charley eight years to come to terms with the loss of Sarah and John from his life and mere weeks to undo

6 December 2008

Caught in the Undertow by devra & JoaG

Sandwiched between missions and Judgment Day are slices of life. Caught in the Undertow is one such slice of life. A little voyeuristic peek into their lives.

September 2008

Five Days out of a Lifetime by devra

Slice of Life.

September 2008

Weep not for the Memories by devra

A little one shot, slice of life - written by devra - on how the Connor family et al spend their evenings. The title for this ditty was taken from a wonderful song by Sarah McLachlan.

September 2008

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