Wayward Son and Sarah Connor Chronicles Crossover

by devra and JoaG


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Wayward Son/Sarah Connor Chronicles: Got Your Back by JoaG

The boys have each others' backs, even though sometimes they don't realize it

17 October 2009


Wayward Son/Sarah Connor Chronicles: Life has its Moments by devra & JoaG

...and some of those moments are filled with joy, while other moments are filled with sadness and disappointment. If you add all these moments together, the sum is equal to life and family.

16 August 2009

Wayward Son/Sarah Connor Chronicles: All Dressed up by devra & JoaG

John and Daniel should know by now, never to accept things at face value because things aren't always what they appear to be, or, maybe they just shouldn't get out of bed in the mornings

9 May 2009

Wayward Son/Sarah Connor Chronicles: No One is Ever Safe by devra & JoaG

When John Connor meets Daniel Jackson, or is it when Daniel Jackson meets John Connor

31 January 2009

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